PC fans and power supply

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  1. Hey guys, I am trying to get my stealthy 24"X12X28 all together as soon as possible.

    Today I went and picked up two 120mm case fans that blow 44cfm each as well as this power supply

    Dynex 400Watt ATX CPU Power Supply DX-400WPS - Best Buy

    Question is, how do I wire the fans to the power supply?
  2. You shouldnt need a power supply IMO. I have a pc fan during veg in my tent...two actually. And i power them by cutting off the end of an old cell charger and wiring them up this way. Im using almost no power to run them, and it was free :)
  3. Don't waste your money unless you happen to have an old motherboard to hook it to which would have the prongs for the case fans' connectors to hook into - and doing all that would be way silly.

    I am not an electrician so be careful however you do this - find out how many volts the case fan needs - like 12 volts is normal.

    Use a old phone charger or some old piece of electronic power supply that is also 12 volts where you have the bulky, brick like part (called a transformer) that plugs into the wall that has a cord that goes to the phone to charge it.

    Splice the cord that used to plug into the phone to the wires on the fan.

    Plug it in, it should work.

    There's lots of DIY's and How To's. Read up and do it right so you don't shock yourself accidentally or create some avoidable fire risk.
  4. Oh, and go get your money back on the power supply unless you put it in a computer.

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