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  1. Whats up bladez? This is my first grow. I have two PC grow cases set up. Each has 2 exhaust fans, passive intake, and 100 watts of CFL 2700k lighting. I will be flowering from seed. I plan on growing 1 or 2 plants in each case. What all would I need to setup a bubbleponic system this size?
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    Would I need to invest into a water pump or would just an air pump be suitable for this micro grow? What growing medium should I go with? What nutes should I buy, and how do I feed? Is there a water changing routine? I think I will need a pH and PPM meters. Is this correct? Any beginners tips/info would be greatly appreciated! :bongin:
  3. If you are going hydro you will need something like this [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Hanna-Instruments-Conductivity-Temperature-Tester/dp/tags-on-product/B002ZG8L58]Amazon.com: Hanna Instruments HI 98129 pH/Conductivity/TDS and Temperature Tester: Industrial & Scientific[/ame]

    For medium go what you think is suitable for you environment. To give you a few ideas ill suggest perlite and hydroton.

    Water changing routine- Why yes every 7-10 days should be when u change out nutes and adding RO water throughout the days to ensure the water level stays constant.

    What nutes- Well maybe a 3 part might suit your needs, it works for blooming too and you might just have to get a few other advanced nutes depending on your needs. GL
  4. Does it HAVE to be RO water? Could it be bottled, filtered, or distilled?

    Would Fox Farm Trio nutes work in a bubble box setup?
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