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  1. You young folk ought watch and learn the way my counterculture generation did weed at concerts in the new American Experience 2.5 hour long 50 year Woodstock anniversary documentary that played last night and will repeat over the next few days on local PBS stations. Unlike the current era, it was always general admission standing in front of stages that is the way real rock ought be performed and not the greedy crap way concerts are today full of outrageously priced seats without much freedom or space to rock out.

    Three Days That Defined a Generation


    A lot of what is shown is not in the well known more music oriented 1970 documentary film. This new documentary has limited music and is more about the event. However the below jambase link has a special today of its 10 best performances. Do yourself a Sunday favor people feeling the intense joy of Joe Cocker's Beatles cover "With A Little Help From My Friends", one of the greatest live rock performances of all time that has much to do with why weed is increasingly legal today.

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  2. Actually, I watched that last night and found it quite poignant.
    I was part of Woodstock... and they 'got the feel' quite right.
    All in my opinion.

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