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    All right every body I am new, hows it growing?
    So I am planning on starting my first grow here shortly organic indoor autos. Now there are many threads with what bank is good and which one is bunk, what i am trying to do is simplify it one step further. After count less hours of research and web hoping price shopping i found a recommened seed bank but come to find out the only take cash or bank wire transfers which sounds like a long process. What i would like help doing is starting a list of what banks take easy methods of payments more convient to the novice gardener like or paypal. I am still web hoping because unfortunately the seed bank i did find did not carry any autos or i just havent found them.

    Please only reputable seedbanks with PayPal, or any convenient paying methods

    Here is where this little project starts
    -, i personally have not used them but know that they are a reputable source
    -Major cards
    -Major cards
    -Cards & WU
  2. All right so as i have been scouring the web for more information i have come to find out paypal is not the trusted form to buy seeds from because of their strict pollicies against drug paraphernalia. But the search continues for convenient payable methods ive read some take visa or charge cards but havent found them yet will keep on looking
  3. WU is how I got seeds from Nirvana. Very good quality.
  4. That is who i wanted to use originally i actually am using them for a price guide line. i didnt find a link or option im still doing reseach and will have to pop in to check it out thanks for the heads up.

  5. All right i think i figurds it out you can wire money through to bank accounts like a bank wire just have to have all info down
  6. Nirvana does not take paypal, WU, or except major credit cards
  7. herbies also takes credit cards
  8. My CC payment went through with Bonza without a glitch. Couldn't get WU or CC payment through with Attitude or any of the other seed banks.
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    I used a debit MC with Attitude seedbank. My bank charged about $4.00 in international and currency exchange fees. I received my beans and guaranteed gift with no problems.
  10. Just ordered a decent list of autos from TSSC everything went smoothquick email confirmation and tracking numbers a little steep on the the price though

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