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PAYOTE cactus

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by guitarlegend, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. THis isnt about payote but about a cactus like it called san dose or something i was to lazy to go back and find its right name. Um.. if its legal where can i buy it and can i get it online? How much do you take and do you just eat it? thanks ffor help
  2. san pedro is the name
  3. Had a friend named Loyd Legacy (guess he's still my friend but I ain't seen him for awhile) One of the mightist stoners I ever saw. He worked for Buck Owens Enterpise (Country and Western radio) as a broadcast engineer. He was also an excellant guitarist. Well to get to the point, he said when he imbibed peyote it made him feel like several differant people. When I worked with him in Phoenix it did seem like he was several differant people sometimes, Well I get an assignment supervising construction of a micro-wave system begining in New York and ending in L.A. and Loyd in the meantime transffered to Bakersfield Ca. Several months later I'm driving into Barstow (east of Bakersfield) and I see him hitchikin east away from Barstow with one suitcase and a guitarcase, by the time I got turned around to pick him up he had disappeared. Shorting the story. couple of months later I'm back in Phoenix and he calls me and tells me he had gotten married in Bakersfield, quit his job there and had gotten a job with KJ radio in Phoenix and wanted to come over and introduce his new wife. I bought a case of beer and stocked the refrigerator and laid out a couple ounces of stash and waited for him to show up. When he did show up he had a coniption fit when I offered a Bud and joint, said he didn't do that devil stuff anymore, that he was reborn again Christon and was here to save me and my soul. I asked him if he had been eatin peyote again and he said he had been in the devils grip in Bakersfield when his wife who was a devout Baptist excorcised the demon from him and had sent him, his stash and guitar away. I should have been quiker turning around in Barstow. This goes to show you, don't eat peyote around any Southern Baptist girls.

    Paul J Jamtgaard _
  4. thats a great story besides the fact your friend dont smoke anymore
  5. You're one heck of a story teller. The worst part is that she took away his guitar. That's so wrong.
  6. No, the sad part was she took away the part of him that played the guitar. Course I like to think about that part still
    out there somewhere playin and token same as usual.

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  7. i want to fly.

    the hitchikers guide says all you gotta do is throw yourself at the ground, and miss.

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