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Paying someone for weed before hand? Senior in high school... help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by BobMarleyIsEpic, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Alright so i'm 18 (senior) in high school and i'm buying weed from some kid well not that simple he said i need to pay him today and tomorrow he will get me the weed because the person who is going to sell him the weed needs the money to pay for it.. Does it sound legit.. i'm paying $20 for a g of kush... he didn't say what kind of kush he just said it's kush and it's really good.... so.... should i of gaven him my $20 today and tomorrow he will get me the weed because i trust him i mean there's no reason why he would rip me off i mean $20 just for 1 time rip off sounds sort of shitty if you ask me but anyways do you guys think it's a good or bad idea?

  2. Well technically there is only ONE kind of Kush. And that is a hundreds of years old strain of Indica that has been grown in the Kush mountains of Afghanistan. Since they aren't into genetics they just grow it and since the region is so desolate it would be next to impossible for it to be cross pollinated. So NO. You aren't getting Kush....unless you are damned lucky. You are getting some bud.
     But yes, sometimes it's legit. Sometimes you get beat. $20 is really cheap to find out who your friends are. But the fact that this is a third party hookup that doesn't have it in stock....I'd shop elsewhere. Too much shit can go wrong, and usually will.
  3. Every dealer calls their shit Kush because it sounds cool. If you trust him like a friend, I don't see a problem with it. If he steals it, then it's just 20 bucks and you can deal with it then, but general weed knowledge says you see the green before you give them yours. Asking for money up front sounds like your guy doesn't know his shit with dealing.
    never give people money for weed they do not have
    never give money to some child that has to front YOUR money to other people that are supposed to then go off to buy it...
    dealers do not need front money to go buy your weed, they have it already..what they are is MIDDLEMEN, SCAMMERS (will pinch some of your bud, and charge you extra for the privilege of being a sucker) or just THIEVES.
  5. keep looking for somebody who sells it, if you want more you arent gonna want to constantly wait on a middle man
  6. I don't front money, but it's only $20..ask him if you can get the dealers number
  7. If he splits with the cash and does not deliver, not a bad deal, hes a piece of shit and it only cost you 20 bucks to never see him again. case closed 
  8. you got a point but the only reason i agreed to it is because in my area (NC) i live in hick country so in my school there is only middlemen who knows someone or knows a guy who knows a guy that can hook me up with some bud.
  9. need to get hooked up with them hicks in the mountains. Them hillbillies grow some dank ass weed.
  10. forreal man? Haha i'll keep that in mind lmao but tomorrow he is supposed to get me some weed and if i don't see a bag of that good good within 2 days i know it's gone and i'll just never talk to him again.
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    well 20$/gram is because your going through a middle man who's probably getting it from a middle man. do i think its legit weed? probably.
    if he goes to school with you i doubt he's going to try and scam 20$ and then have to worry about u wanting revenge for the rest of the year
    I'd go to the nearest shitty 7-11 or similar and hang out in the store until I saw a guy buy a blunt wrap...then ask him. It's weed dude. Most people ain't going to kill you over a gram of bud. And most cats will bring it right back. They may pinch it, but you might get you a steady hook up too. And I can't imagine someone pinching a gram.......LOL
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    i wouldnt do it. a number of things can happen
    He can rip u off and just run off with the money
    He can get the weed. Pick out how much he wants out of it. and give u the remains
    He can buy some mids and give u that and keep the 20 bucks 
    His suppose "Dealer" can just rip him off and both of u guys will be out of luck
    Point is. Dont do it. Never front ur money. Even if its a good friend.
  14. tell him if its fat you will be wanting a lot more. I good dealer will make you fat sacks to get you coming back.
    20 years ago I made a lot of happy people weighing out 1/8th at 5 grams. Moved it by the kilo.
    That's how I got the nickname snoopdogg a gun packing, fat sack,fat wallet packing gangster.
    Course I'm out of that business now. happy to just sit around and watch the grass grow.
  15. yeah that's what i'm thinking.. anyways thanks dude that really put me at ease haha.
  16. #16 squidrick420, Feb 5, 2014
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    I live in the mountains of Western NC and yes, your correct! Those old fuckers can grow some killer reefer (or total schwag..) . And the new culture here also grows some killer weed with modern techniques. Prices are already down to $15 a gram and $50 an eighth in Asheville, the only city in the mountains of NC.
    Ohh and OP... Never front money. Eventually you will get ripped off even if it doesn't happen the first time
    And tell OP don't act like a total uppity douche if he comes hunting for buds in the mountains. Or he may end up growing fertilizer! LOL
    Damn i wish we were neighbors. 
  19. i cant imagine paying 20 bucks for some highschool weed that some dude is calling kush. i would still buy it, i mean who rips off 1 gram, or steals 20 bucks from a kid your gonna see again..
    but just know a lot of highschool kids say that their shit is dank but a lot of times its just regular old mids.
    only one way to find out anyway
    funny you say that Im looking at buying land , like 40 - 90+ acres. run some cows , hogs,chickens, garden, solar power and live off the grid.

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