Pax vs Davinci ascent

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Bruins142, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I really hope to hear from someone that has both.

    Next week i am planning on buying a vaporizer it is pretty much between the Pax and DaVinci. The firefly which everyone is calling the best is really not anything id want because of the look the way it works everything..

    Basically i want to know what gives better flavor better sessions and any little extra things.

    Iv used the Pax and not the DaVinci the pax seems to get way to hot during a session.

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  2. I own the PAX, both DaVinci's (the regular one and the ascent) and the FireFly. If I had to pick one, it'd be the PAX. The FireFly would be the best overall but it does take awhile to figure out n get used to the technique for drawing nice hits... I don't suggest it for people new to the vape scene. My PAX only got hot when using on the highest temp setting on herb that wasn't dry/grinded up enough. That and if it was overly packed tight but I use the medium setting with nicely grinded up stuff which works like a champ to me. Whatever you get I am sure you will be happy with. That's my opinion and just because I feel one way towards a vaporizer doesn't mean you will feel the same. Best of luck on whichever you whichever you purchase ;)
  3. Well the firefly does seem to be the best but i dont want my herb chamber to be seen and id like to be able to sit and not push the button for heating im lazy i want my vape to change heat on its own and everything :p

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  4. I've been posting this video around here getting the name of this vape out. It's called the Indica vaporizer, it's not quite out but will be released very soon. Look like a large zippo kind of. It hits BIG and is discrete.

  5. I have seen this vape and was looking for videos everywhere finally saw you post this somewhere else a few minutes ago and id really have to hear peoples experinces to try it they dont really have alot of info on it

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  6. @[member="Bruins142"]
    I talked to the guy in that video, Vitolo. He's a long-time member over on the FC forums. He said it was a very big hitting portable with a long battery life and a lot of ease of use. Really didn't have much bad to say about it. The only negatives he listed were that after a long period of use, it can be bit hot (not too hot to hold though) and that since it is a metallic finish, it looks dirty more often than he'd like.
    He also said it was everything he loved about the Pax without the hassle of cleaning.
    These things should be launching in 2 week tops, so it might be worth holding out to get some more info on em. I personally think they look great.
  7. I unfortunately have not used the DaVinci so I can't give an opinion on that but I am replying because I was in the same exact situation a week ago, deciding the DaVinci or the Pax...I ended up going for the pax due to it being a better size and more discreet, and ease of use...I am not saying the DaVinci is difficult to use, the Pax is just about as simple as it gets (Wanted to be able to turn it on wearing gloves for when I am snowboarding).
    I tend to agree that the Pax does get pretty hot on the highest heat setting, but I noticed on the Medium setting you still get some nice vapor clouds without it being so hot...So far I am very pleased with my Pax, and will sure be using it a lot later while the winter storm Pax pounds where I live
  8. Yeah, I was saying the firefly IMO when used correctly and having the timing down (which is the tricky part and why I don't suggest it for someone new to the vape scene) gives me the cleanest/smoothest hits. Figuring out the timing of how to get the firefly took me awhile and def a odd way of vaping lol. Besides it being a little on the heavy side for a portable vape, it is built pretty damn solid.
    The herb chamber can be seen kinda when it's fully clean but even saying that... not as much as you think it would from a picture. I still think it looks like a old school nokia phone from 10 years ago that had the famous snake game LOL.

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