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Pax Vape / Vaporizer Advice for Newb?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by spk2629, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. I just got my Pax vape on Saturday and am on the fence about it.

    Does anyone on this forum have a Pax? Do you find that it doesn't really seem to get you baked/medicated?

    I put it on the high setting, pull slowly and steadily, and retain the hit for at least 15 to 20 seconds....and yet I don't get much out of it. Seriously bumming me out. I get more of an oxygen deprivation headiness than a buzzed/stoned/medicated feeling.

    I am a bong smoker and decided to try a vaporizer due to coughing like I am dying. I smoke due to neurological issues (tremors, brain fog, intense nerve damage pain), and medicate regularly with strains like papaya, green crack, tahoe, purple OG, and other high-THC strains.

    Since I am new to vaping I know I must be doing something wrong. The Pax, like all the rest work, obviously, it's just a matter of doing it properly.

    I own the Pax, and am in no position to be able to afford a different vape, regardless of the cost----I'm tapped out financially-----so suggestions on "you bought the wrong one, should've gotten a..." aren't really going to help me out at this point.

    Thanks to everyone on the forums, GC is such a gerat resource, and I hope some of you can teach this old dog new tricks on vaping!
  2. The best way to use the Pax is to pack your oven tight with bud and start at the lowest setting.
  3. Im not sure man cuz im a solo guy myself... But i have heard so many great things about the pax so ur definitely on the right track... I suggest just playing around with it till u find a setting that suits you, or i would contact whoever sold it to you and demand a new unit.. Gl man dont give up on the vape
  4. Thanks blackandtandan and TreeHC! I messed around with it and it made all of the difference *-* Filling the Pax completely full made it vape like a champ and I'm now sold on vaping.

    I found thses links useful (if anyone reads this later and wants to know):
    Pax - Vaporpedia (great tips on all things Pax. Thanks to member TheTerps for putting the link in another thread about the pax)
    Pax Portable Vaporizer Review (more great tips in the reply portion of the page)

    What I learned is that you've got to really pack the oven tightly in order to get a great vapor cloud.
  5. Packing the oven makes all the difference with this vape.Im glad to hear it all worked out.
  6. You will learn to love your pax, its awesome. Grind your bud very nice, fill the oven to the top, Start off low and keep raising the heat. Suck very slow, almost barely suck the whole time and you will get a lot of vapor. HOld that in, you will be very high
  7. So you really have to pack up that huge oven for the Pax to work properly? How much bud (in weight) would you say it takes to pack it up with?
  8. Exactly... :smoking:
  9. You have to pack it down really tight, not necessarily full but tight. I have been successful with barely covering the screen but clouds are definitely the best fully packed.

  10. So...........how much is fully packed?
  11. Don't have a scale so couldn't tell ya.
  12. i'd guess and say 1/2 gram to 1 gram depending on how determined you are to pack the oven tightly.

    Well worth the $, easy as fuck to clean, heats up quick, and conserves your stash.
  13. No way you could fit a g in there, probably half g max.
  14. i've had the pax for a while and it's the greatest thing i've ever bought. the oven takes under .5g to fill. if you want it to work perfectly u need a grinder. it's not even worth trying to break it up with your fingers unless the bud is really dry.

    I clean it once a week since I use it every day and u need to clean it if u want it to work well. buy some rubbing alcohol and hard wire pipe cleaners (not the ones provided because the fuzzy stuff gets stuck inside it).

    with a clean pax, grinder, and a nug of weed you'll get where you want to be. there's a learning curve to it but you'll get the hang of it soon enough
  15. My personal experience with these are: I found using grinding up between .4g-.6g at most (depending on the herb) and just packing it down a little bit are the key to a awesome PAX session. The medium temp setting has been what I use it on which seems to be just right for me.

    I know some people say they smash it down and end up using 1g... the chamber is a nice size but not as big as pictures can make it look. I cannot see 1g fitting without it being way to stuffed for the PAX to vape properly or not get damaged eventually.

    That is just how I use it and are not official directions from anywhere, just a opinion. The only thing that comes to mind if your still having issues would be to make sure you really grind up your herb so it look's more like "powder" than what you would fill a bong, joint etc... with. Have a good one.
  16. I apologize I didn't read many responses...... What works best for me ( but not necessary) is busting up my material... Let it dry out a bit... So it's crumbly... And when I pack it in te pax it's almost a powder. This dry powder vapes sooooo well starting on low, then med, and I finish on high

    You can also fit more material in the oven this way.... Longer vape sesh.... Works perfect for me...... So well that even if I juuuust pick up a bag.... And I'm croaking to vape.... Ill still let it sit 20mins all broken up to dry out.... Makes it soo much better.

    It's def worth a try

  17. .2-.4 will do the job. Make sure its packed relatively tight but not too far over the edges of the metal.
  18. Doesn't have to be packed full. I've vaped half ovens , as long as its packed down.
  19. Been loving my pax, just keep it clean and make sure you keep iso away from the temperature button. My temperature button has been stuck since I got the pax it feels like but it got stuck on the high which I preferred so its all good.
  20. I too was a little bummed out about vaping with my Pax, the change from the huge bong rips I was accustomed to, to this new vapor was a bit overwhelming. I felt like I was not getting high at all, then I started tinkering with my temp settings and BAM! High as fuck before I knew what struck me. It's just a matter of personal preference, I start low heat and move gradually from there to medium then high. Sometimes I switch it up and start with medium and go to low then high. If you got a Pax and are unsatisfied, you're doing it wrong lol. This has been my best investment, $220 off of eBay + Free First Class Shipping I got a good deal IMO.

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