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Pax Questions

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Payne1020, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. 1.How much does the vapor smell

    2.How long does a full charged battery last

    3.How long does it take to charge

    4.Is it better than the Arizer Solo

    5.Is it better than the DaVinchi
  2. 1. This is difficult to quantify. Depends on heat setting. More heat=denser vape. I wouldn't be comfortable blowing hits in a movie theater, for example. You could take a hit discreetly, but if you blow out a big gout of vapor, people will probably notice. Nothing like actual smoke, though, which triggers ancient survival neurons or something, seems like.

    In a vehicle with wife driving, I have no worries about smell. Even if pulled over while vaping, roll down the window and by the time he walks to your car you should be okay.

    Have you used other vapes? The smell is comparable.

    2. Good question. I have left the unit in my car overnight, then used it fairly heavily. Do far, I have not depleted the battery, but I have not tried to drain it completely, since that's prolly not good for batt. I use it solo, so hard to vape that much! According yo Wired review, lasts for half a dozen sessions.


    3. Not sure on this either. I replace the unit on the charger when done, then walk away. It prolly depends on how low the batt is.

    4,5. No idea, I have an old Aromazap and a Volcano. Much more capacity than Aromazap, less than Volcano. Direct contact with hot stainless steel can char outer surface of herb, like Aromazap. Doesn't compare to Volcano, but that's not a fair comparison. (Home unit v. Portable)

  3. 1. For quite some time...many days of use...its hard to get a actual number since everyone uses theres differently. I just use mine at night and not every night.

    2. It will come pretty charged up but Ive had mine dead ready to go after a hour or so on the charger...was not a full charge but enough to let me hit a bowl up in it. I put it back on after I did that.

    3. I think the book which I threw out said couple hours total.

    4. Yes.

    5. Yes.

    Its a super cool unit as its simple..almost Apple like in its use. It looks like a remote almost and no one would guess what it is if they saw it on your desk or in your house.

    On the vapor smell...very little. It smells like other vapes do but less since the output is less then say the da Buddha I own.

    Get it you wont regret it. The packaging is even cool.

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