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    Just got a gold pax 2 last week. I started to read about its many modes and such. Then i found out there are hidden features unique to each device. As i cycled the menus I thought mine had hardly any features. Frustrated and feeling left out i began to experiment and found mine is different than most... 15 rotations yield the game pac man and if you beat level 5 you get the tone purple haze at startup. When rotated 3x one direction and 3x the other it will begin simon mode and if you beat level 20 the tone funky town is unlocked. You can then select which tone you want to hear at startup by clicking the power button 5x quickly and it will pulse white indicating tones are disabled or it will pulse multi color simultaneously indicating a tone has been selected. This is crazy because most people do not know of this just yet. I have posted some videos about it on youtube, heres one showing the tones being selected and played:

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  2. Thats what's up. I still got the original PAX and play Simon Says after getting medicated. Game is quite tough under the influence. Lmao. I can't wait to get the PAX 2, Pac Man is the shit and custom tones upon powering the device. Thanks for the post!!

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