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  1. I just sent a PM with this in and I just wanted to rant on it a little. I really really really don't get patriotism. To me watching any patriot (wither US- really is synonymous with patriotism- UK, French, German, Italian etc) kinda reminds me of a young couple kissing in a really really overtly messy way and calling each other "snuggums." Basicly it's kinda nauseating.

    There are LOTS of nations all over the world- who can say which is ACTUALLY the best? But many "patriots" (in the more extreme sense of the word) will argue that their strip of land is THE best. Thinking about it, though, there's no proof for that other than an extensive list of reasons why they like living where they live.

    Besides- say your nation is THE best one out of ALL of them. So? Did you choose to live there? Did you help build it up? No? Then where does this intense pride come from.

    Flags REALLY piss me off. I find it amazing that people can have such REVERANCE for a PIECE OF FUCKING CLOTH. I mean in the UK- when a member of the monarchy dies/is born/becomes 80 (don't get me fucking STARTED on the monarchy- fucking freeloaders) there's always (somewhere) a "poignient" image of the flag being hoisted in the wind. Or at the end/beginning of so MANY mainstream Amercan films there is almost always some kind of similar cheesy flag shot. That said I DID plege allegiance to my rug once... that night was crazy...

    What the fuck is a country anyway? The people- yeah but if I emmigrate to your country wouldn't I be part of that- but I was originally from another country... is it the land and the lines around it? That's just silly- you can't think you're all the "best" for that. Is it the government... EVERYONE hates the government- or says they do... Ideals- well what makes you so certain that there aren't other countries with similar ideals- are they the same country?

    The reason this pisses me off is that people will start wars over a flag. All wars- no matter what- have behind them the idea that one group of people is inherently superior to another. I challenge ANYONE to show me otherwise. Now I, obviously, don't know how you'd do it... but if we could get rid of this crap then the world would be a much better place.
  2. I read the first paragraph and totally agree with you, there is nothing wrong with being proud of the country you live in but all this God Bless America shit makes me sad, if anything God is sad at America...

    (Excuse me if that doesn't make sense, I haven't smoked in a few days...)
  3. Good post. I think it depends strongly on one's definition of Patriotism.

    I don't consider those people who blindly follow the government and wave little flags to be patriots. They're just sheep. It's the people who question government, and try to get the government to improve who are real Patriots.
  4. ^^^^^ good point... people are people... some :) some :mad:
  5. i think its equally retarded that people start wars over a fucking book. (bible) obviously its what the cloth or papers signify and symbolize that holds the true meaning.

    i support the fact that people can be proud of their heritage and birthplace, but i dont like when they grow a superiority complex about it.

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