Paths to enlightenment, perceptual opinions, and the perpetual question. why?

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  1. Why?

    religion. beleifs. god.
    Our dessire to find answers and the need to find answers has lead to us trying to put a conclussion to things, to questions in our minds. many people cannot handle trying to work in the perpetual question, and so, latch onto over simplifications and shortcut answers, not realising that in doing so they are not only going to be wrong, but also since they think they have their answer and can stop looking and will learn no more, be able to think no more.

    so keep thinking everyone, you cannot think too much.

    have you ever asked why?

    first thing you might think of could be "How do i answer that?"

    my answer to that would be... keep answering it.


  2. To think, to wonder, to constantly allow and effect an evolution of your own thought and consciousness.

    You said "paths to enlightemnemnt", but where is enlightenment? Is it anything or anywhere?


    Is enlightenment needed o be thought of as a tangible goal in order to walk the path?

    It's not the destiantion, it's the journey, but in oedred for the human mind to journey, it needs somewhere to journey to.

    So, enlightenment would be a direction, not a destiantion.

  3. yeah man, i dig that...

    paths of enlightenment is what i meant.

    but that still doesnt go any way towards answering the question... why?
  4. why ask whay drink bud dry.

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