Path of Exile OPEN BETA! 1/23

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    Path of Exile

    Path of Exile is an ARPG loot crawler with extreme customization, the likes of which has never been SEEN! To give you an idea, it is what Diablo 3 should have been.

    Before I go on let me explain that I have not yet played this game, you can currently buy a supporter pack to gain access RIGHT NOW for as little as $10. They also have bigger packs for more money, but they all give you the microtransaction currency worth that price.

    To specify microtransactions are so they can make money, but will be solely cosmetic. The game will be free when it releases but WILL NOT be pay to win. ;)

    To list the most exciting *feature* to me, it would have to be the cutthroat league. This is a quote from the main page:


    Now if you don't already have a win boner, watch this, it will explain everything...


    Are you ready to join me blades!? We shall be henceforth known as Grass of Exile

    P.S. This game is entering OPEN BETA (anyone can play), once it releases it will be FREE (anyone can play). You have no reason not to try it!

    Unless of course you're a console gamer, in which case fuck you! :wave:

    I kid, I kid
  2. I've been playing closed beta for quite some time now and this game is really fun. It brings alot of freshness to the action RPG scene for sure. I am happy that open beta is soon so now I can invite my friends to play :D.
  3. This game looks great, looking forward to it for sure.

    It won't make me quit D3 completely but ill definitely play them both.
  4. Dude me and Cheech said we're down to try it. I just signed up for beta.
  5. I been tryin to get into this beta for a while now

    I miss D2 and i hope this game gives me nostalgia
  6. Looking forward to it
  7. I was taking a quick look at the massive passive skill tree to try and decide what my first character should be (still have no clue). Although I now tend to spend my time at work contemplating on good innovative builds.

    I came up with the idea of a Templar (str/int) that was sort of like a tanky aura hero but with advanced summoning capabilties. Just seems like a good build to me as the auras will attribute to myself, my minions, and my party. Plus since it is a partly strength based hero, I will be able to take a lot of damage while the dead do my bidding! :devious:

    Also thinking about a Shadow (dex/int) with a focus on fast attack speed with a bow. Also with some traps and perhaps some close range *oh shit* magic, when the monsters do happen to penetrate my onslaught!

    I'm making sure to cop some fiya budz before I take part in this. It will be a new experience as I never smoked weed while playing Diablo 2, pretty sure it will be mind-blowing. I am seriously hyped about this game, it's as if Christmas has come early or late that is...

    Only 1 more week until Santa, hope yall been bad...

    That way he sends you down the. . . . Path of EXILE!:p
  8. OH EM GEE! :devious:

    They just released an open beta trailer that is simply EPIC!
  9. Can't wait for this game, I tried to make a D3 comeback but I just can't play it for an extended period of time.

    Same boat, I have no idea which class/skill path I'm gonna go with for my first character. Never played closed beta either so I have no experience with the game.

    Also I feel like a lot of people are going to miss out and pass on this game because it's free and in "open beta", I could be wrong though.

  10. Exactly, most will just settle for Blizzard's bullshit just because its a "big ticket" item.

    Little do they know this game is already years ahead, and going into open beta. The world itself is so massive and open, with Act 3 being released right as open beta drops.

    These are three HUGE acts and they are already talking about adding more down the line.

    Compared to Diablo 3's 4 Acts that were extremely small and LINEAR. Act 4 seriously stunned me. . . that's it. . . really!? :mad:

    Path of Exile is pretty damn polished and the developers put out updates FAST. The graphics already look awesome and the world gives off that dark eerie vibe we all know and love.

    I wouldn't be surprised that the developers are already working on an "expansion" act 4 and will put it in when the game leaves open beta and releases.

    Although this open beta could technically be considered a release since everyone will be able to take part and there will be no more character wipes after January 23, 2013.

    Except for the various leagues of course, after a certain time limit has expired. Speaking of leagues I cannot wait to play cut-throat and kill all sorts of noobs to take all their gear. Too bad I'm a noob too, gonna have to watch my back. . . :smoking:

    I am still trying to keep myself in the dark about this game so that I get that EPIC new game awesome feeling. :p

    Only 5 more days I have to abstain from watching videos on youtube. . .

    Dis shits haaard! :cry:
  11. Looks pretty good, thx for posting this!
  12. Anybody have CB keys I want to try it out now
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    Path of exile is really fun, feels like they took diablo 2 and stuffed it with Final fantasy 10s lvl grid system then add materia from FF7 and made it pimptastic....

    Between Path of exile and Guild wars 2 I don't see how people can stomach giving Blizzard 200-400 bucks a year to play their garbage.

    I don't want them to wipe my Duelist :( Thinking of going Shadow or Ranger in OB
  14. ya im gunna play this prolly :p
  15. Thanks for posting OP. Not a preferred genre for me but looks interesting nonetheless.
  16. Theres already a Poe thread man.

  17. Yea. . .

    Although the title says Diablo 2.5 which really isn't true, this game surpasses Diablo in every single way. Diablo 4.0 in dis bich!

    Plus I made this to announce that it was going into open beta and therefore ANYONE can play for free. Also the open beta trailer is so goddamn epic that it simply deserves it's own thread to call home. :D

    Oh yea, countdown is now less than 3 days. . .

    [ame=]Can't Wait! - YouTube[/ame]
  18. /bump :cool:

    So I began having Hard Drive problems this past week or so. More frequent freeze ups n shit, ended up having trouble booting from the harddrive aswell, system restore also would freeze up. Fixed it for a while but it began again and finally I got the blue screen of death. :eek:

    I was pretty much expecting it to fail, shit was like 9 years old. :hello: Just bad as fuck timing since this game hits open beta Wednesday and I was hyped as shiiiiiite.

    Wasted no time Mon. morning - Western Digital WD Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive, 750 GB more, 4 times the cache, and mo' RPM.

    Better not show up DOA or ima cut a mofo. :devious:

    Still might be able to get shit fired up same day as OB! Got some fuckin' tasty budz aswell, THINGS ARE LOOKING UP! :D

    Join me blades!!!! We'll stumble stoned through the harsh wasteland of Wraeclast!!
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    Holy shit im excited.

    D2 was some of the best fun ive had in gaming, and this game looks identical but much improved.

    We should group up and kick demon ass
  20. [quote name='"DrazyHaze"']Guyzzzzz


    Holy shit im excited.

    D2 was some of the best fun ive had in gaming, and this game looks identical but much improved.

    We should group up and kick demon ass[/quote]

    I'm down, would you wanna get mumble or vent or something too?

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