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Pasta sauce?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by fighazhuck, Sep 6, 2017.

  1. I would like to either make or buy some cannabutter to use in a pasta sauce recipe. I worry about dosage and portions. Is there any tips or tricks to getting a consistent dose? I want to avoid a product that isnt weak or puts you in a coma
  2. 10mg is the basic serving size in Colorado and for a non user it's likely a safe limit.
    For a heavy user like me 12 dozen servings that size of them wouldn't be enough to be felt let alone get really fucked up on.
    The secret to edibles is consistency by making the same strength batches every time.
    The second part is dialing in your personal dose. To little and you get nothing, To much and your on the floor with the spins and dry heaves and not having fun.
    I use badkats base recipe for hash and have used it for many years now. Works just as well with weed just a lesser strength.
    decarb all material first (240 F for 40 minutes
    5 grams hash (or weed)
    2.5 teaspoons coconut oil
    .5 teaspoon lecithin
    combine and heat 220 F for 20 minutes
    Dosing you get to figure out on your own. Start slow and add more after 2 hours if your not high enough.

    Add that finished tablespoon of canna oil to your pasta sauce and hold on tight.
    About 30 doses if using high grade hash. 5 or so with weed.
    Keep in mind edible dosing can vary wildly from person to person. I need 200x what my wife can handle.
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