Passive Geothermal cooling system for hydroponic systems

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    Everyone would need to know what the frost point is on the ground where you live.
    The idea is to bury 100 to 200 feet of 1/2 or more black poly pipe 2 to 4 feet depth in the ground beneath the frost point . The ground temp should be 55F you need the hydroponic reservoirs at 65 to 68 degrees F
    It is the best to dig a trench and bury the poly pipe.
    Now you must decide how you plan on exchanging the heat ( heat exchanger or heat exchange.
    Like coiling up some of the poly pipe inside of the RDWC or DWC or Aeroponic reservoir.
    I don't passive is the correct word because you will need to have a fountain pump somewhere in the system.
    I would suggest a lower GPH pump for the best thermal exchange.
    Everyone is welcome to chime in and share your knowledge on this subject
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  2. Probably will work. Back in the 70s people in the desert were building homes with cooling tubes buried in the ground and powered by a heat chimney driving convection. It worked well.
    With a closed loop water system like you discussed might need a variable pump or a regulating valve to control flow. By controlling the flow you might be able to adjust the cooling performance of the system. Maybe.
    If I needed a cooler for my hydro I would be giving it a try.
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  3. I just use my Watercooler if I've to. But my Ebb and Flo Reservoir is about 90 Gal. That Juice stays cool even with no Watercooler.

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