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passing probation ua

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by martina112473, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. ive been smokin for 16 yrs and now ive gotten in trouble probation .. ive been reading on how to pass a ua but im confused says niacin another says water and green tea .. i guit smoking on jan 29th been drinking a hell of water.. now im doing green tea .. my test is on the 26th of feb what do i need to do i dont really know how to use this site so u can send me any info to my gmail im scared and dont want to go to jail please help
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    you should be fine unless you are over 300 lbs the thc is probably out of your system it takes minimum 3 weeks to be safe, max prolly 6
  3. Unless you want to smoke just once after each drug test, your best bet is to just quit smoking until you're off. I learned that the hard way.
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    Agreed, I just got off probation....... was on for 2 years :( . I also learned the hard way that you may be able to pass one or two, but you have to quit because you will get caught.

    As far as passing those one or two, I ended up wit 22 violations on my probation, so I tried quite a few ways to fake them..... the only way was either using someone else's urine, or synthetic is what i used. As well as a whizzinator, worked a few times for me, but I almost got busted the last time so I decided fuck, go clean. Anyway, good luck whatever your decision :) .

    Edit: It took 4 months for my ua's to start showing up clean and I only weigh 150 lbs. 6 ft. tall.
    However I had the flu very bad right as I quit, and started rapidly losing weight, therefore releasing all the thc i had stored up over the years :( ..............
  5. i did quit this is my first test they had to send my info from another town to houston and when i was there in the small town where i got caught they didnt piss me

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