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Passing pieces on

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Hgr, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this is the right forum but it is for seasoned tokers with a larger glass collection:

    So the other day i was looking at my glass collection and got to thinking that i never use some of my glass pieces anymore.

    Well as it turns out my parents had found my brothers pipe and smashed it so i passed one of my bowls that i dont use onto him with the conditions of good grades and only for out of the house use. Another piece I never use anymore because of nicer pieces i have, i passed along to a close friend who had their bowl smashed by the police the night before.

    Any other stoners pass on pieces onto their siblings or friends when they stop receiving use?
  2. I usually hand my bongs over to friends when I upgrade. I only have the need for one bong, and at the moment it's a RooR so that won't be getting passed on to anyone any time soon (maybe a son if I ever have one).
    I mainly do it because bongs are illegal in South Australia, and most of my friends are rookie smokers and don't know you can buy online.
  3. I have traded a few times.
  4. only piece i gave away was lost when my homie passed away. id love to pass on more pieces but i have bad luck with glass as it is so i dont have an extra.

    fuckin gravity...
  5. I get hammydowns from all my friends because they know it will be put to good use . I'll always end up using it somehow. My cat broke a large volume of my collection recently but it was really at the fault of my girl lol
  6. I've given a few bowls away.

    I have a huge pipe collection, and some pieces I haven't smoked out of for years. So once in awhile I'll give one away, or if some one needs a pipe and is asking me where to buy one I offer mine for free.
  7. currently in the posession of my friend's old spoon
  8. Every piece that I ever had (except a glass bowl broken by some bitch)
    has been traded on to friends. I've never received one myself, but it's great for someone new who might be stuck on metal or something. Spread the wealth.
  9. #9 2FootBong, Nov 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 16, 2011
    most people like to pass them down. when i got a few nice pieces last year i passed my semi broken bong which i didnt have space for on to my friend. and when my friend needed some cssh, he passed a $30-40 bowl down to me for $15. also i passed one of my mid-sized glass bowls with a chipped mouthpiece on to a new toker.

    so yeah, passing bowls down is a tradition where i live.

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