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Passing Out

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cones42000, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. I know this sounds stupid, but for the past 5 nights I have planned on getting higher than jimi Hendrix, but every night I rip a cone or two and cant stay awake!! I end up falling asleep on the couch, and I have tried energy drink (horrible stuff) and it did nothing but kill my high and put a shitty taste in my mouth..... Does anyone have any tricks to help keep you awake through a sesh? Much appreciated :)

  2. Coffee and a high tolerance.
    But eventually you're just wasting weed. THC has a cap and eventually you'll stop getting higher and will just be making your high last longer.
  3. it could also be the strain you're smoking, some cause that couch lock effect and knock you the fuck out.
  4. Just keep doing something constantly. You don't wanna waste that high by sitting still and falling alseep! 
  5. Yeah, try going for a walk or something while high. Those are usually great.
  6. yea man strain is pretty important in deciding whether you will pass out or not. Some strains make you quite hyper, while others make you want to do nothing but sleep.
  7. Smoke it threw out your day trust is way smarter smoke a bit till you get high then wait till you burn out then go for another one and repeats it gets better with every session and when your tired and it late night you will have barley any energy left but it will help you knock out but save some for the next morning before breakfast
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    Same thing used to happen to me. If you can, get the name of the strain before you buy then do a search on I know there are people who say there is no diff between indica & sativa strains but I can tell a difference. When Im not trying to be couch locked or sleepy I choose a sativa/sativa dominant strain - my favorite at the moment, well it has been for a while now is, blue dream.
  9. Not only does it depend on what strain, but how you are smoking it as well. 
    Are you using a vaporizer? Those will put you into a sleepy high. 
    You want to find out more about the type of strain you have. Then stick it with a bong or a pipe. Start out with a pipe, and slowly eventually move onto a bong. 
  10. sounds like your doing it right! getting way baked till you drift to sleep, do something you enjoy to keep your mind occupied may help, I love going for longboard rides at 2 am when my towns alseep, everything so peaceful, roll a couple fatties for the ride, when I get back home usually have a light munchie snack and fill my canteen with ice cold water, then usually kick it for a few decide what I wanna do next, play music and or video games, watch something to lay down to pass out.
    If you are bored, your mind will be bored and tells itself it wants to sleep
  11. I love the night and I have to keep my wife and friends awake so I have a ton of ways to extend the night. If you're staying home try and keep the environment changing. Toss a fan on when you start to feel the first bit of fatigue. Rather than drinking energy drinks you should just stick with coffee. I like to avoid activities where we don't interact as a group. Movies will put you to sleep so music is better for a late night. I could give a million ideas, but the personalities matter when coming up with ways to keep the night alive. Hope this helps bud! :)
  12. Same thing used to happen to me. Strain is significant but I think it's more about staying busy. I would get no-name dank buds all the time and rarely was given a name for them, so I never knew if it was sativa or indica, therefore wouldn't know if I was about to pass the fuck out or rage haha. I think tolerance is the biggest thing though, once I started to smoke more often I could handle the sleepiness better and could stay up as long as I wanted.

    Anyways, energy drinks only killed my high and didn't really help much in keeping me awake. Coffee actually does help though without killing the high! Like other posters said, occupy yourself. The biggest problem I had is I would want to do something lazy while I smoked like watch t.v. or browse the internet....and while those can be fun, they put me to sleep SO quick. Engage your mind and body with something like video games (lol, "engaging the mind") or playing with a pet or just going for a walk.
  13. It's probably a really strong indica. Usually I just end up doing some kinda head bob (like a unmentionable addict) and forcing myself to stay awake. Getting up and moving around helps too, because if you are just sitting there your body is naturally going to want to fall asleep.

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