Passing Drug Test? (Please Help)

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  1. I'm sorry, this is my first post, and I didn't know where to put this, but I need some drug test advice.
    I'm 19, just got home from college and about to look for summer work. This year was the first time I started smoking regularly. After my sport ended in spring term, I began smoking basically everyday. I'm extremely worried about a drug test I might get. In addition to the weed, I occasionally did vicodin and morphines. Today is the 18th of June, the last time I smoked was June 9th, the last time I took a vic was the 1st of June, and the last morphine I did was something like May 15th.
    My first job option is road side flagging, either for private companies or ODOT (Oregon Department of Transportation), and then my next option would be retail. What kind of test do construction companies use? What about DOT?
    I know if I get hair follicle tested that I'm royally fucked. Can someone tell me how common these are?
    If it's a piss test (which is my hope) I've heard that THC stays in your fat cells for 30-45 days when you smoke daily. Which would also royally fuck me in the ass.
    In that case, what kind of detox should I use?
    Thanks in advance for any and all advice :) I appreciate it.

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    What you need
    *gallon of water
    *packet of certo/sure-gel
    Mix Certo/sure-gel with 1 jug of Gatorade and Drink. 
    follow with half gallon to one gallon of water .
    should wait at least 1 to 2 hours after drinking the Gatorade/certo .
  3. The last time I stopped smoking for a drug test I stopped smoking for 13 days with about 6 of those days being "detox". Passed just fine. The last like three I've taken though I just used synthetic urine. 
    Opiates do not stay in your system for long at all. Those are definitely out of your system. It would take another week or two I would imagine to get the rest of the THC out of your body "organically". 
  4. For a Job Related Drug Screen, typically you're going to have to submit to a basic urinalysis. In almost all cases they will not watch you donate your sample. It is best to do research on specific job tests, and it is completely legitimate to ask if a pre-employment Urinalysis will be required (you'll need to be well hydrated if they ask "why do you want to know".) moreover, synthetic urine is typically the most painless option in that it is the cheapest and most reliable. Be sure you wash your hands as minute traces of THC can get into your sample otherwise. If you do decide to submit a sample yourself, you should be drinking lots of water, no less than a half gallon an hour for at least two hours before the UA, and do not stop drinking water until after you've submitted to your UA. Detox products in my experience are not worth the trouble, they do not significantly increase your chances versus the straight water method, and most often give you a false sense of security. To pass a UA is like passing a polygraph-- you have to make your body display what it needs to-- do not eat for 6 hours before a UA. Using these methods I successfully completed 3 years of Probation. PS THC is the most likely candidate to fail somebody on a UA
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    Well seeing as I probably wont get tested for another 10-15 days, I think I'll go the water method. I've also heard through friends that taking apple cider vinegar is a way to naturally detox. Would that method be efficient? Drinking excessive amounts of water along with apple cider vinegar throughout the day?
    Also I workout nearly every day ending in sauna sessions. Is excessive sweating a good way to expel toxins in water and fat cells?
    Sorry for all the questions, I'm kinda paranoid.
    Edit: I'm also thinking of buying an at-home drug test to make sure. How accurate are these things?
  6. Well I failed an at home one I did. I haven't smoked in 10 days, if I were to drink 30oz of water an hour, take b-12/niacin, fiber laxatives, and take apple cider vinegar twice a day with water, do you think I could test negative in 5 days?
  7. youre gonna work for odot? where you at in oregon im holding down the bay- Coos bay/northbend area
  8. Hair follicle for DOT? Dayum times have changed. The vicodin and morphine will not show up on test. And i'll be damned if you can pass a piss test after 45 days. I came from a world where they test back 90 days. I guess times have changed.

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