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Passing a probation drug test.. help

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MrStoner25, Oct 30, 2014.

  1. Okay stoners, so here's the run down..
        For the past two years, I've been smoking all day every day. I started way before that (maybe 5 years ago) but started consistently two years ago. I love all the medical qualities mary jane provides for someone who has terrible anxiety such as I. It helps me sleep better, eat more, relax and get shit done all while keeping me in the best mood. But, a couples months ago I was busted for some shit (nothing big, wasn't even my fault) by the police and was put on a year of probation. Which means no smoking and random piss tests. It's been almost two months and my anxiety has never been worse. Meds fucking suck and I'm just always depressed anymore as I was before I started smoking every day. I don't eat, I rarely sleep, and I can't get any school work done because it just stresses me out along with my job. 
      So, I was wondering if there's any way I can pass the piss test while still consistently smoking. Since I failed my first test, my P.O. just gave me a warning but said as a result he's gonna start sending the urinalysis out to a lab. He doesn't watch me piss in the cup, but I never know when I'm receiving the test. I've read that Quick Fix will do the job, but I've also read reviews saying it won't because it's being sent to the lab. 
      Well guys, honestly anything will help here. Please don't just reply with shit like "it's not that hard to not smoke" or "just drink lots of water". I need legitimate answers from someone who went through/is going through the same situation. Please, thank you, and stay toking!  :bongin:  :smoke: 

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    Honestly I'd be a prison bitch so I would have to stop smoking.
    Just workout and talk talk to a therapist man thats all I can say.
    Or make piss popsicles and read up on getting those bad boys to melt to body temp.
    Good luck
    Also if you go to University they often have something like 20 free therapist sessions at the health clinic.
  3. Stop smoking. Seriously. I understand weed is awesome and has tons of benefits, but you're gonna be even more depressed when you get in more trouble for violating probation. Find something to keep you busy.
  4. Weed isnt heroin. You can just stop and go to a doctor to get xoloft or something to help with your serotonin. I understand how anxiety works but i also know how jail works as well and i rather have my anxiety attacks than drop the soap and having an anxiety attack if you catch my drift. Run hard like a track athlete and drink a lot of water and cranberry juice. Make smart decisions dude.

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