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Passing a hair follicle test Please HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Loudpacks, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Okay, So I haven't smoked since the end of October. My friends would blow smoke in my face and I would inhale ( I was inhaling enough so that if i blew out smoke would come out) But I never smoked it myself. I took half a transformer 4-5 weeks ago. Would I pass the hair follicle test? I am an african american female Does anyone have any tips on how to pass a hair folllicle test..I just want to be for sure that I will pass the test
  2. I'm no expert on hair follicle tests but in my opinion

    you'r fucked...

    how long ago did you inhale the smoke?

    when is the test?
  3. Haha ur fucked sorry.
  4. probably a week ago it wasnt much, just twice.

  5. Just because you didn't get your lips on the joint doesn't mean that you will pass the test, you are still getting thc in your system...I'm not sure how much less thc it actually is but if you shave your head you should be in the clear xD
  6. they can get if from other places :D
  7. there is a really long thread on this forum about someone passing a hair forcfile test. and it works. look fot it. he soaked his hair in alot of shit that burned him but it worked and he got the job


    Ps. ouch

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