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Passing a drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tox1C420, May 19, 2010.

  1. So today I went for a job interview at Targets and my friend told me that they do a drug test during the interview. I been drinking as much water as I could and I took a Purified Brand Instant Action cleansing pill thinking I was going to take the test but unfortunately the drug center was closed by the time my interview was over. Now I have to go to the drug center tomorrow to pass a drug test and I'm wondering if I should spend another 20 bucks to get the pill again for tomorrow or am I fine as long as I continue to drink lots of water and not smoke for the rest of the day.

    Please Grasscity I need to pass this drug test to get a job so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    first when did you last smoke?
    Second exercise, exercise, EXERCSISE!
    (i suggest running because it so short notice)
    Third-can you get furesomide or niacin?
    (perfered furesomide)
  3. 1: Last night around 11pm-11:30ish
    2: KK, Im gonna run around for a bit and execrise
    3: Whats that?
  4. ya im sorry but i dont know about this one.
    (you may not pass)
    uhhh yea no you need to run for more then just a bit if you smoked that recently,
    (why would you smoke soo close to test? did randomly pop up?)
    they flush you system..niacin you can buy, but you cant buy furesomide...
  5. Last night? it will probably show up 2maro. unless you dilute

    get somebody else's piss, in a condom, and a handwarmer

  6. i agree most likely the only way..

  7. I will agree with this you are more than likely going to have to find some clean urine. I strongly suggest not using a condom though. Nothing would be more embarrassing then walking into the center with urine running down your leg. Personally if you can find a prescription bottle those work best. They are air tight so you won't have to worry about leaks. To keep it warm just put it in your underwear behind your balls or in the "taint." Keeps it perfect body temperature.

    Hope you the best with this.
  8. The drug test was all of a sudden I didn't know about the drug test till last night when I was discussing this with my friend. I'm going to go on an hour or so long jog to work out the THC out of my body and I going to continue to drink water/cranberry juice. Would it be overkill if I brought another Detox thing for tomorrow, can the drug test detect the chemicals?
  9. srry but detox drink are all scams!
    please dont waste anymore money...
    just get someones piss whos clean its a job they wont watch..

  10. Not all detox drinks are scams. My friend smoked for like 5-6 months before his court ordered drug test. he stopped smoking for like three days before the test, and exercised a little, bought some 50 dollar detox drink, and then passed a government lab drug test.

    so it was either the gym (not likely) or the detox drink.
    but im sure several detox products are scams.
  11. okay buddy, buy a gallon of orange juice the most natural you can find and just chug it youll feel like shit, youll definately shit but itll coat your stomach and it works i know first hand...totally worth it:smoking:

  12. Well your friends luck will probally not work for you, just work out and drink water.
    Don't waste money on that crap but if you willing too, by all means continue being scammed.

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