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    i took like 3-4 hits of a blunt a few days ago. I've been clean for over 6 months. Literally only like 3 hits. I'm 6'2 230 not too fat but got a little weight on me. From when I smoked till when I take a urine drug test I'll be about 32 days since I hit the blunt. Will I be fine?
  2. Lol only reason I'm nervous is because when I first quit, it took me like 70 days to get clean but I used to smoke alot of wax and a shit load of blunts everyday all day. Now that Ive been clean I have a feeling those couple hits will be out my system pretty quick
  3. yep. If you do a once off smoke its outa ya system in about 4 days i believe
  4. yea, here ya go.

    Researchers have found that everybody’s body metabolizes THC in slightly different ways. But, they still came out with a rough guide on how the majority of people’s urine will test based on different consumption styles and timeframes.

    • Your first use will usually stay in your system for 5-8 days
    • If you use cannabis 2-4 times per week and then stop, you’ll test positive for 11-18 days
    • If you smoke 5-6 times per week, it’ll stay in your urine for 33-48 days
    • For Medical cannabis patients and people in the #smokeweedeveryday club, THC-COOH will stay in your urine for 49-63 days-
  5. Awesome thanks bro, fucked up thing is I was so drunk I didn't even get high or anything, and my boy that had the blunt had it rolled it up in some shitty flavored bullshit dutch. Wasn't even worth it lol

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