Passing A Drug Test For Pot

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by blueeyes, Oct 29, 2006.

  1. Please Can Someone Tell Me If Golden Seal Works On Passing A Urine Test Im A Everyday User And Need Advice On How To Pass A Drug Test Smoking Pot Doesnt Make Me A Bad Person Theres Worse Things Out There I Could Be Doing But Im Not Stupid Hard Drugs Kill And Pot Isnt Any Worse Then Smoking A Cigarette Please Ineed Some Home Remedies On Passing This Drug Test Thanks For Your Help
  2. not sure why this is in the philosophy section.

    Goldenseal can be, and usually is tested for.

    Try Azo.
  3. i'm pretty high, and i was deeply curious why this was in the spirit. phil. section, and then i was profoundly curious when every first letter was capitalized.

    i can't express to you how much this disturbed me. :smoking:

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