passing a dot drug test no sub/ dollar tree home tests

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  1. Hey guys ive been online like crazy for about a week. My question is I have to take a dot test ive been smoking for about 8 years daily , recently only about a joint a day a puff here and there throughout the day.I am 23 5,7 and 117 lbs with a ridiculously fast metabolism. I last smoked 8 days ago and have to take the test in about 3 more days. So that will be 11 days . Ive been riding my bike about 4 to 6 miles a day and taking azo with flushes your urinary system and drinking green tea constantly. I aldo have been to the sauna and sat in there for 30 minutes and sweated an extreme amount. On day 5 I took a cheap home test and it showed I was clean. On day 7 I took another cheap at home test and again clean with a faint but consistent line. My gf, a smoker took the same cheap at home test and failed. So mainly im just concerned that im not clean enough although the at home test says that it is 50 ng cutoff as well as the lab a 50 ng. Anyone wanna help me sleep easy outthere....hows my chances?
  2. I plan on buying 5 more test s tomorrow for reassurance
  3. Soak your cock an ammonia from the dollar store!
  4. ive heard the 'safe' amount of time is around 28 days for an average size person. id say with your low body fat and exercise routine you will probably need a few more days to get it outta your system

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  5. Cleans everything!!!
  6. Ill give it a try
  7. Maybe a lil deet!
  8. Even though ive passes two at home test already
  9. DONT! It was a joke yer tiny drink a gallon of water
  10. Haha I was kidding man
    I can by myself a few days if I have to but id rather not because im ready to smokeeeeeeese!!!!!!
  11. Go with vitamin B complex specifically niacin and just add a healthy regimen of niacin don't try to overdose on it and flush your system like some hippie say! cranberry juice in good!
    Drink 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in the mornings
  12. I dont know anyone who dont smoke and its shitty to watch as they toke
  13. I have drank a half of jar of pickle juice on day 2. Until I found out vinger only hinders the liver to prosses the metabolites.
  14. The 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar actually just old Vermont people

    (/ancient Chinese often the pictures you see where it looks like merry little fat Chinese people in Chinese murals in on it looks like they're getting drunk they actually supposed to be sipping on vinegar!)

    saying towards good health
  15. Why the fuck it matter G ¡git high!
  16. ¿Where you from homes?
  17. Because its a fucking nice job man
  18. ive passed two at home tests thats what has me thinking im all clear but shit i dont wanna just assume i wanna knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!
  19. and just for the record i plan on following up on this forum all the way to the end because it fucking sucks reading about people going to take a test and then never knowing what the hell happens
  20. anyone out there? anyone? "echo"

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