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Passed out

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killkenny700, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. alright, so me and my friend were toking. I guess we smoked a good amount and then we left for McDonalds. I ordered, for both of us. I guess going into a public place wasnt the best idea, the cashier made comments about us being very very high, just jokingly. After a few mins of eating i ordered an ice cream, i had the munchies :rolleyes: i got it and sat down after she made more joking comments, felt abusive to me. My friend said we was going to wait outside while i asked to get a spoon for my dripping ice cream. But before i could ask my vision went fuzzy. Ive been to enough wrestling practices and smoked enough to know i was going to pass out. Maybe this doesnt happen to everyone, but when i smoke enough and i feel under pressure or i stand up for too long i pass out. It happens when im high and kinda stressed out. But i tryed to will it away.
    I remember tripping, seeing weird things and it was almost like i fell asleep and was dreaming. I thought i was on my bed looking up and i saw a cop. I woke up on the ground with everyone staring at me and i had no idea i passed out. there was no bed or cop. They all said i hit my head after just falling over. I had no idea what was going on. The manager took me back and asked me my name and number. Then said she had to call the police (just procedure). Having some illegal herb, i told her i did not want the police to come. She understood and said that i could leave at anytime but the police were still going to arrive. I got up and walked out side still reeling. sweating like crazy (it was hot outside and that may have played a role). We ran for a min to make sure the cop wouldnt find us.
    Has this ever happend to anyone? i cant be the only one who has a tendency to almost or pass out. If anyone knows why or how i could prevent it, please tell. I dont think its lack of oxygen either
  2. Head rush. You sat down, got up, sat down, got up, all within the span of a few minutes. You're already lightheaded as it is when you smoke. And you were probably gorging yourself on way too much food way too fast lol. The bed was an image of what your body instinctively wanted when it/you realized you were going to pass out, and the cop was what you were afraid of.
  3. well, i am a wrestler, and i HAVE had store cashiers/workers joke about me and my friends being high, but as far as passing out? nah. I think that you might want to see a doctor if you have a tendency to feel light headed.
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    I had that happen to me once after sharing a joint with friends.

    No idea what caused it other than maybe i had just smoked, was smoking a cig, in little room with like 10 people all smoking cigs...

    I left the room, sat on a table n started texting someone, woke up on the ground fucked up feeling, a girl asked me what i was doing, i answered her saying just chillin... and i was like rocking back n forth trying to situp still like fucked up and then it just went away.

    My vision went like all white about 5 minutes after too for a few seconds.

    Has never happened since.
  5. Weed makes your blood pressure drop..maybe you already have low blood pressure and that makes it worse
  6. head rush, that would make sense. I am constantly sitting up and down after eating some disgusting food
  7. Ive seen this happen a few times some people call it greening out

    How is greening out caused? Well a doctor explained to my brother after he passed out from smoking that marijuana caused His blood pressure to either drastically drop or rise and causes a temporary loss of consciousness

    But you should still go to the doctor as passing out could be a cause of something more serious or nothing at all
  8. Im about 130 pounds, with no known health problems at all. Im fairly fit
  9. Kenny, I'm 130 lbs and have passed out on multiple occasions when I wasn't stoned. I get the feeling about once out of every 20 times I'm stoned. Next time, SIT DOWN. People will understand if you put your head down and go limp a lot better than passing out which generally scares the hell out of everyone and most people assume it's an OD when you're high (Ignorance, eh?).

    Tunnel vision= sit the fuck down!
  10. hahaha, next time i will sit the fuck down. Thanks caffenination
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