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Passed Hair Test after 88 days.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by billcall, Mar 23, 2016.

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    I wanted to put this out there as I spent a lot of time reading, worrying, searching. Changed jobs had to take hair test. Lucky for me, I knew that this maybe coming so I stopped smoking on Dec 17th. Stats: 6'2 220, Average Metab thin light brown hair. Smoked about a joint per day for 10 years, medium grade. I waited 20 days after my last toke and got a buzz cut to 1/8 inch. I shaved all body hair on day 21. I ran out of time to delay so scheduled my hair test on day 88 clean. At the testing center, they were concerned that I did not have enough hair on my head, but my body hair was even shorter. They were able to get about 1.25 inches of head hair and said this was enough. The samples were given on Tuesday and by Tuesday the following week got word I passed. The best advise for those who have time is to stop, get a hair cut short if you are a man, and shave body hair and don't smoke in the detection window.
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