Passed drug test - smoked day before

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  1. Detox drink saved me from trouble. I don't know/get how people say they won't work... I took it as directed and passed with flying colors.

    Even came with a drug test, which I used, and passed as well.

    <3 Detox Drinks.
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    They should work, considering they're like 35+
    I'll be sure to get one when they come with free half eighth. :rolleyes:

    It's a viable option though, if you get surprised. Then again, if you are getting drug tested for work and they send it to a lab, they might check for chemicals in those detox drinks.

    ED: Oh I'm guessing it's a home drug test, from your thread. Those are easier to pass, you might have just gotten lucky.
  3. i dont trust those drinks, shit failed me

    but synthectic urine is 2 for 2 for me
  4. What kind of test was it? Hair, pee, etc?
  5. These are for urine tests, hair tests are much harder to pass.

    The reason some people claim they don't work is either they didn't follow the directions correctly or the bought a cheap detox drink that doesn't work. Not ALL of them work, that's why it's important to look into a product before purchasing (something a good consumer should ALWAYS do).

    I also would suggest that, if you know you have a test coming up, don't 100% rely on the detox. Not smoking for as many days/weeks in advance as possible is important.

    Employment is much more important than weed in my opinion. Without a job I don't even understand how some of you even afford weed.
  6. Urine test from the court.
  7. I'm happy that you passed your test and everything is OK, but hehe, could you tell me the specific drink you ingested to pass?
  8. water works for me...couple liters right before the test and your sure to piss hot water
  9. I got it at my local headshop. I'm not at home right now, but I'll let you know what it is called. It was $30 and it came with a drug test as well.

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