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PASSED - Aspirin dilution and "Tampering" Drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by a2xa, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Tomorrow im having a probation piss drug test.
    Ive been reading guides on gc and getting clean the past week.

    These tests are like 40 bucks and sophisticated. I have the b-2 and aspirin and the test tests for tampering. Like with bleach suregel etc..

    I plan on diluting + b-2 + aspirin
    If it is positive for tampering of some kind it counts as failing.

    I was wondering if anyone knows if the aspirin will set off the tampering? and also any tips before i go in.

    If i fail i go to jail and sent off to military school for the rest of my senior year. The judge is a bitch and loves my parents ( petitioned "family in need of services" bullshit my parents called and put me on for weed)

    Anyways thanks for the help!
  2. Damn dude, i don't know anything really in the field but good luck!
  3. I ts all good man. Im gona need the luck thanks. :rolleyes:
  4. dude, first of good luck, im in the same boat and have d.t. tomorrow but for a job I really need. but honestly it depends on how long it has been since you smoked, your body fat, your metabolism, and how much you used to smoke.

    I'm not sure if the aspirin will set off tampering because you could just you had a bad headache so you popped a couple.

    I think you should go to the store tomorrow and get a bottle of cranberry juice (not cocktail) and just chug the whole thing and take some vitamin b and c to color your pee a little yellow.

    Sorry if this didn't help but good luck and post back with results!
  5. Thanks man and good luck to you too!

    I am about 5"11 170 I work out a lot and my metabolism is really fast

    The weird thing about my smoking is ive been on probation for a while due to my parents getting me in legal trouble and whenever i get drugtested i like binge smoke weed for the next week 2 or 3 times a day then get clean for next month. Its been a week since i smoked and my parents called my p.o. to "test me more often" so hes going to tomorrow. I know bs.

    Thanks for the help ill be sure to post results !
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    I passed everyone!

    I had stopped smoking for about 4 days and trying to get clean 2 of the days.

    What I did was for the 2 days I drank a lot of water and ran on the treadmill and worked out for about 30 mins.

    The day of the test I drank a lot of water that night. (my test was at 8:00 am)
    -8 hours before the test I set my alarm, woke up, and drank a gatorade, took 4 aspirin
    -4 hours before the test I set my alarm, woke up, and drank a water, took 4 more apirin
    (I should've started drinking a lot of water here but I waited)
    -2 hours before, I woke up, drank a water and took 5 b-2 vitamins.
    (for some reason they make it harder to pee cause I drank a shitload of water and couldn't pee for the longest time and barely made it yellow when i got there. You should start drinking a lot of water/gatorade/energy drinks at around the 4 hour mark.)
    -2 hours to the test I drank water/gatorade/vitamin water energy. My pee started out clear and when it starts to turn a really faint yellow color then your clean for the piss.

    I went in, acted like I couldnt pee like I usually can't. I asked if I could turn the sink on to help he said sure. I tried to pee in the toilet first but he was watching me so I just decided to pee in the cup all the way. I passed!

    This should work for pretty much anyone because these are the sophisticated icup tests that are like $40 bucks and the tests test for dilution and other things. AND my p.o. is watching me in the mirror.

    (Also I'm not sure how long you could go without smoking but I'm pretty sure this would work if you smoked the night before, just the more days helps the chances?)

    I hope this helps someone if u have any questions PM me. Happy toking!

  7. Go to your local headshop and buy one of the kits to clean your system quickly, it costs like 30 bucks though. good luck

  8. Read the post above you....he passed the test.

    Congrats! Fuck the system :hello:
  9. 8 aspirin in that short of a time frame? I know people die from aspirin, so isn't that a little much?

    Congrats on passing (and having the balls to quit just FOUR days before your test)!
  10. Well I don't know about drug tests that are sent to a lab, but an I can guarantee a sure pass on an instant result piss test (i.e home drug test). I'm a teenager and my parents were going to test me today. I have been a heavy smoker for about 6 months now and just smoked a SHIT LOAD just last night. Well when my parents popped the surprise test on me, I said i didn't have to piss right then, and this is what I did and I promise you it will work no matter how much you smoke.

    Go to Walmart and pick up "sur-jell" for about 3 bucks. Do not get jello, make sure its "Sur-jell."- 1 packet. about 2 hours before your ready to take the test, mix it with 20oz of water and down it. It will taste TERRIBLE, but just deal. About 30 min. after that, I chugged a 20oz glass of regular water. I took 2 real good long pisses and used the 3rd one to take the test.
    PASSED IT. My parents were like" Oh well good job son" lol.

    I'm telling you, if its a instant result test, and your parents want to watch you to make sure u piss in the cup, don't waste your money on detox drinks and pills. 3 bucks is all u need. I thought it sounded crazy but trust me... It works.

    Keep on tokin people, peace
  11. I didn't know they could watch you, that sounds really creepy. I know that I can never go when someone is in the same restroom as me.
  12. i just took nyasin(?) pills lol... and my po didn't think anything of it, dont see the point of going through all of this. good shit tho, fuck them mofos.

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