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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. How
    long did it take to get your results? I took mine last Tuesday and they had three business days then the weekend has gone by and today is Monday.
    Still nothing yet.... I’m hoping that doesn’t mean I tested positive.
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    Hi, first time poster! There's probably someone with a similar story already, but just want some reassurance for an infrequent user to ease my mind. I have a hair drug test coming up this week. I have been clean for about 4.5 months, and before that smoked about once a week or once every other week for two years. But three weeks ago, I slipped up and had an edible with 10mg CBD and 4mg THC. I'm a young female, 125lbs and 5' 4", and work out about once a week. Do you think I'll be able to pass? Thanks in advance!
  3. Passed
  4. Can someone please post an updated protocol with shampoos and products that can still be found on store shelves or the internet? It seems the aloe rid treatment from nexxus was hard to find back in 2008 at the beginning of this thread.
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    • Edited out other drug references, we can't even mention prescribed drugs - ICGreen

    So, I wanted to give back to the community...

    Background: I don't smoke, but there are so many great posts regarding weed that I wanted to make sure I posted this for those who enjoy other things of which I have done a good bit of over the course of the last 3-4 months. Also, for those that said black hair is worse (which it very much could be) I have very thick and black hair-it still works so keep your hopes up! I took extensive notes with complete time stamps. It might be a bit much on the details, but for anyone interested I will copy my exact steps taken and even notes of my pain as I was doing it.

    TLDR: The process involves opening the hair follicle (the exterior part of the hair) then bombarding it with everything I thought might help kill/delete the data inside. I did this in two steps. The 1st step was to bleach my hair, then use all the acids, then redye it. The 2nd step involved bleaching my hair, then used the original hair razor shampoo a bunch of times, then redying it. The problem is, I don't know exactly which step allowed me to pass or if both steps did, but if you want to pass then I wouldn't skip out on either.

    Here is my complete journal and my thoughts at the end.

    9-10-2018: Buzzed my entire body of ALL body hair so the only option would be to use my head hair.

    · 1020pm: Put Vaseline right under front hairline

    · With hair clean & dry used -> “LOREAL COLO RISTA BLEACH ALL OVER” slathered on there, put a wash cap on.

    · 11:15pm, checked head, took photos to check back, put more bleach on and targeted with more on spots that were still dark.

    · 11:45 washed out with warm water and towel dried until damp

    · 11:55 used tide w/ bleach alternative original soaked hair and massaged into head + put new wash cap on

    · 12:13 washed out with warm water and towel dried until damp

    · 12:15 put vinegar in hair (stings like a bitch!) rubbed into scalp

    · 12:31 more vinegar massage into scalp – burns again

    · 12:47: w/o washing or rinsing add clean & clear essentials deep cleaning astringent (burns way more!) rubbed into scalp

    · 1:12am: rinsed out, used shampoo w/ salicidic acide and rubbed in and left on. Put a new cap on

    · 1:35am: rinsed out done

    9-12-2018: 1:21pm: washed hair with tide plus hot water, rinsed, then put new tide rubbed in & let sit for 30 minutes

    · 2:09: Rinsed out tide very hot water, rubbed vinegar into hair (stings a litte)

    · 2:23: added more vinegar (stings a lot!)

    · 2:56 w/o washing scrubbed hair w/ clean and clear (stings even more!)

    · 3:35: washed out w/ hot water the vinegar + clean clear, then used t-sal shampoo leaving it in for 20 minutes

    · 4:05 washed it out w/ tide. Towel dry. Done

    9-13-2018 12:25pm

    · Hot water rinse + tide (30 min)

    · 1:00am washed out tide, rubbed vinegar into hair (stings a bit)

    · 1:33am: added more vinegar (burns like crazy!!!!)

    · 1:50: added clean & clear and rubbed in (omg it hurts!!!!)

    · 2:20 rinsed out hair w/ hot water (burns) then put in t/sal shampoo rubbed in and put cap back on.

    · 2:45am rinsed out t/sal w/ hot water. Then rubbed in tide.

    · 3:00 wash out

    9-13-2018: 11pm: washed hair w/ warm water put in tide, rinsed out, then w/ wet hair added baking soda.

    · 11:30pm: rinsed hair, added vinegar, (hurts soooo bad!) noticed I have pretty bad chemical burns on my scalp already.

    · 11:55am: added c&c rubbed in as much as I could. (omg! The pain! Almost passed out, started feeling light headed)

    · 12:30: washed out with t/sal shampoo. Omg this treatment hurt a lot! Think I will rest a day.

    9-14: 8:50pm: bought some 97.7% aloe gel. Put very good amount on head especially on my chemical burns.

    · 12:50am: washed out aloe. Towel dry. Will wait about an hour to dry

    · 1:50am put garnier nutrisse licorice black permanent haircolor. Will leave for half an hour

    · 2:50am: washed out w/ shower, added conditioner that came w/ the dye.

    · 3am: put aloe gel in hair


    11:30pm: Using hair razor, did pretreatment. Supposed to leave in hair for 5 minutes.

    11:40 rinsed out har w/ regular shampoo (no conditioner)

    11:45: put step 1 combing into hair

    12:05pm: rinse out + put step 2 in

    12:20: rinsed out w/ normal shampoo, went back to step 1

    12:40: rinse out w/ normal shampoo towel dry step 2 again

    12:55AM: STEP 1 AGAIN (from here on out just going to refer to it as step1 + step 2)

    1:10am: 3x step 1 washed out, on to step 2

    1:30am: 3x step 2 wash out

    1:32am: 4x step 1 again

    1:51am: 4x step 2

    2:11am: 5x step 1

    2:28: 5x step 2

    2:45am 6x step 1

    3:05am 6x step 2

    3:16am: 7x step 1

    3:38am: 7z step 2

    3:50am: 8x step 1

    4:05am: 8x step 2

    4:20am: 9x step 1

    4:40am 9x step 2

    4:55am: 10x step 1


    11:20pm: bleached hair again

    12:10am: added more

    12:30am: washed out t/sal 5x rinces

    9/18/2018: 12:09am: washed out w/ preconditioner added step 1

    12:32: step 2

    12:45: 2x step 1

    1am: step 2

    1:15: 3x step 1

    1:30 step 2

    1:44: s4x tep 1

    2:01: step 2

    2:14AM: 5X STEP 1

    2:35 step 2

    2:50am: washed out to let dry

    3:14am: omg my hair is effing destroyed! Super thin, feels like mush under my hands

    3:35am: dyed hair (stings!)

    4:10am: washed shampoo hair 5x with t/sal

    9/18/2018 1:35pm first stage of zydot ultra clean

    1:55pm: Step 2 zydot

    2:10: washed out, rinsed w/ pm3 5x, put 2x conditioner in hair

    4pm: cut hair short

    Final Notes:
    My test was done by Psychemedics. They wanted 2 inches of hair not the 1/2 or 1.5 inches all other people have mentioned! They took 3 samples off my head (which I feel was a lot of hair!) I almost didn't have that length of hair but they even had a small ruler on the submission form that measured the length they needed. For the period when I had my bleach hair, I wore a baseball cap (i made sure to wash it thoroughly after everytime I used it). I bought a brand new pillow and changed my pillow cases every time I did a session to ensure I didn't contaminate my hair. I used new brushes, and new caps whenever necessary.

    There are probably some missing ingredient names or whatever that I didn't specially name or might have used an abbreviation for. If you need clarification let me know and I'll try to post exactly what I used.
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    I understand and yes, my hair is frail and crispy! The top of my head is COMPLETELY fried, but that is kind of the point. I did A LOT of research online and from so many people saying they did 30-80 washes of XYZ, I thought I was doomed. I wish you luck, but I'm not sure anyone is going to be able to confirm an alternate method that is easier on your hair (unless you believe all you need is a shampoo, which I did not).
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    You could try using Aussie 3 minute Miracle or Moroccan Oil on your hair to give it some moisture back.

    So you did the Jerry G Method and not the Macujo method. I'm thinking about sucking it up and paying the $235 for Aloe Rid. I've done a few Vinegar washes, baking soda washes, and tide right now to hopefully try to at least start the process until I can get the Aloe Rid. Not sure when I will test right now, so I have a few weeks maybe, which would give me 1 month clean at least. Again, not sure if that is even going to help.
  8. Thanks for the tips, but I just use some regular conditioners whenever I shower now and it's manageable enough so I'm just gonna let the hair grow out. Luckily for my relatively short hairstyle (1-2 inches) it shouldn't take too much longer than another month or so.

    Actually, it was an amalgamation of both processes. There was an official report (can't find it at the moment) done by pschyomedics themselves that showed only bleaching the hair had ANY affect on reducing detectable chems. You can take that with a grain of salt since it was their own report, but that was enough reason for me to concoct this method. That's why I bleached twice & dyed twice similar to Jerry G. But in between bleaching & dyeing I did parts of Macujo's method instead. The 2nd time I bleached, I used "Hair Razor" because my head just couldn't take anymore acids. That acid process literally left me with chemical burns ALL over my scalp. It was really bad! I spent around $600 just on all the different products cuz I was freaking out. I ended up returning 2 other detox shampoos (at a pretty hefty loss due to losing my expedited shipping & restocking). It really sucks I can't say which helped or didn't, because I was going to do a self-paid test in between, but my test date got bumped up so I had to scramble and didn't have time to wait for the results anyways.

    The only additional tip I can share are, to be very careful if you use a shower cap. Some of my worse chem burns were exactly at the bottom of the shower cap because the acids collected there and soaked into the band and that basically gave me a ring of intense burns all around my head where that band was.
  9. Forgot to mentiOn I also have a sauna that I have been sitting in. I wish I new a chemist or something. But to me a water soluable drug should at least a little be excreted in water. Who knows. Maybe I’m wrong. Thought about shaving my head lol, but since I’m a girl and don’t have hair ANYWHERE else on my body that would probably be pretty obvious
  10. I'm 5'5. 200 lbs. The last time i smoked was on July 6th, and then I took a resin hit on July 13th. Prior to that I smoked in June 18th, prior to that in May. I never really smoked a lot, maybe a couple of bowls here and there. I have curly hair and I have to take a hair test by October 20th. Do you think I will pass?
  13. You need to alternate soaking your hair in household bleach and dyeing with amonia permanent hair dye. Read my previous posts. I would say 10 dyes leave in 2 hours at a time and 10 overnight soaks in bleach water and you will pass.
  15. I have passed 3 hair tests being very toxic. I too had a lisence on the line. I stopped using after this last scare. Not worth it.
  17. Sauna would help for getting drugs out for urine test not hair.
  20. The first hair test I passed and couldn't believe it. I was toxic for multiple drugs and no drugs showed up in my hair.I dye my hair every few weeks but it was summer and I was in the pool all the time. This is how I found out chlorine (bleach) definitely works.

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