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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. EVERYONE!!!! I just wanted to let you alllll know that I passed the dreaded hair follicle drug test.


    If anyone has been following my grow journal, they know that I just finished off an awesome grow of 2 plants of very nice hydroponicals. The grow finished a week before 4-20 so I'm sure you all can Imagine that I've been enjoying the fruits of my labor for some time. Well, I had the possibility of a HUGE internship at this company my dad works at....but it was already the end of April, and school was ending so I figured it would be a no-go. Lo and behold, I get a call a week before school ends and I got the position, pending a drug test and background check. I had to sign all these forms and one of them (the 1 for the drug test) said something about saliva, urine, or hair testing for drug use. I said to myself "oh it's just an intern position, they don't do that to interns...." YEAH RIGHT!! I bought the piss test from a head shop, passed, and walked into the corporate office to pick up the drug test information to take to the clinic, and fill out some more paperwork. Well, when I got to my car, I looked in the packet, and PSYCHEMEDICS was written all over it, along with envelopes to hold the hair samples. I went say the least I freaked the FU&K out. NOW WHAT?!?!?!!?.......... I looked EVERYWHERE for info. All these websites said different sh^t that worked and didn't work. I was def. in over my head. There was "toxin wash" and "afterburn" and so much stuff I had no idea what to do.... A hair test traces back to however long your hair is. If hair grows ~1/2in every month, and they FOCUS on the past 90 days for a test, that means I'd have to cut my hair to 1.5 inches. Ladies, you with 8+in hair....soooo sorry, lol. Well, on they have an awesome thread going about people that passed their tests. They almost ALL used this thing called the MacCujo method. I used that and bought a product, just to be sure. Most people on the site just used the method, but I wasn't about to take my chances since my dad is a head engineer at this company and I COULD NOT fail. I only had a few days to take the test, and hadn't smoked for about 20 days, cause I thought I only had to pass a piss test!!


    1) Apple cider vinegar (soak your head in it, then put on a shower cap and keep it there) Wipe up anything that drips down. Leave in for 30 min.

    2) Clean & Clear Astringent (THE PINK KIND ONLY....IT HAS 2% SALYSILIC ACID!!) Put this on WHILE THE VINEGAR IS STILL IN YOUR HAIR, BUT AFTER 30 MINUTES OF IT SOAKING!!!, so that means don't rinse out the vinegar.

    **Caution, this sh^t burns....suck it up. Massage it into your hair and use shower cap..wipe up stuff that drips. Leave in for 30 min, then rinse it all (clean & Clear + Vinegar) out.

    3) Tide original Liquid Laundry Detergent. Glop some on and scrub scrub scrub. do this for another 30 min.

    (Your hair will feel crappy now, lol) You have now done the Macujo method! Yay it sucks. Now the next steps are what I did to be more it if you want, or don't. I just know it worked for me....

    4) Neutrogina TSal Shampoo. This has 3% salysilic acid in it. I Lathered up with this for another 30 min. Scrub Scrub Scrub...if it looses it's soapiness, just put your hand under some water and it will soap up again. Rinse it out afterwards.

    5) Mix baking soda with some water, till it's a fine paste. Put that in your hair and massage it in for like 20 min. This direction came with the stuff I bought, apparently it's a great way to open up the hair, as if salysilic acid shampoo isn't...HAH!! Rinse it out afterwards.

    6) Okay, now for the stuff I bought. I got the hair mudd and shampoo from for $99. It has a 4oz bottle and this can of powder sh^t with three little bottles in it. Save the can with the powder and small bottles for the day of your test..... I used some of the shampoo, though.

    Remember, my hair was only 1.5 in long so I didn't need much of that special shampoo each time I did this. Put that neon yellow shampoo in your hair and lather it up, do that for 30 min.

    Okay folks, I had the test on Monday, and did those steps 1-6 twice on Wednesday, once on thursday, once on Saturday, and then Monday morning before my test. Then I used that can of powder, followed the directions, but only used half in case I failed and had to do it again. I still have half a bottle of shampoo left after 5 uses, so that tells you how much I used each time. I also used half of the powder and half of the 3 little bottles. They give you enough for shoulder length hair, so use to your own length. The powder looks watery, so pull up the drain on the sink and pour it over your head. Scrub it in, and scoop up whatever falls off into the sink and put it back in your hair. I got this MUDD stuff because it is supposed to be the strongest stuff they gets rid on coke, meth, mdma, opiates....and has a pretty good success rate. They said 97% for marijuana, and like 86% for the other drugs. Now I didn't have anything but THC in my system, but like I said I COULDN'T fail this test!! I'm not endorsing the product, just letting you know that it worked for me. Do what you want.

    Like I said though, more length equals more history to check and more room for error. They NEED at least 1.5 inches though. Keep in mind that they can take hair from ANY AREA of your body.....thats right. Pits, pubes, legs, chest, back, ass. ANYWHERE!! And since that grows slower, 1/2 in holds more history..... I shaved it all. Oh well, like I said I needed the job. So, I was basically hairless from the neck down, but it grew back in a month. Also, if your blood is contaminated then any new hair growth will be shave and do those steps RIGHT BEFORE you go to the test, and try to take it ASAP. BTW, I didn't shave completly, but used the almost shortest piece on my beard trimmer, so it was like 1/8in on my body....yes pits too dammit. That sucked ass......

    The floor is now open for questions...and here is the valuable link. Good luck IS POSSIBLE!! I got the job a week later. I start June 4th....:smoke:
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  2. good tips, n congratz on the job!
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  3. indeed, very nice post!
  4. congrats dude, I'd be fucked if I ever had to do that, my hair is like halfway down my back almost.

    congrats thou
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  5. No problem, my friends!! I figured that I looked ALL over this site and all people said was "well you're pretty much fucked."

    So hopefully now if someone has one of these they'll find this thread and post their results and what they did. Let's take away the scare factor on this hair test, and spread the word that it IS possible to pass.
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  6. I had a friend who got detox pills for his piss and passed a urine test. His parents didn't believe him so they had a hair test done and he passed that.... I then think he either had another piss test done or another hair test done and passed those. It was crazy.
  7. Thank you so much for this post. I just found out 10 minutes ago that I have to take a hair test in 7 days. It is for a job my grandmother got me in Las Vegas (she is the f&b director at a huge casino. I had no idea that everywhere in vegas does hair testing, no body does that here in AZ. I just hopped right onto the internet to see what I could find and this is the first page I clicked on. I am freaking out, I already had my last day at my other job, already bought plane tickets, already told my whole family I am going to Las Vegas. I will have to explain to everyone what happened if I fail. I hope this works for me. I only smoke, no bad drugs.

    The problem is I have long red hair down to my butt which is my trademark. I am worrried all those chemicals will ruin my hair forever. Also I don't know if it will even work for me. Some people wrote that you are screwed with long hair. Does anyone know if this is definitely true?? Should I even risk failing or just stay here in AZ? I don't expect anyone to know the exact answer but any help would be much appreciated. This was some very bad news to recieve this morning especially since today is my birthday :(

    again, thank you for the posting the steps that worked for you GROWMAN944 I know that took a long time to write.
  8. Nice thread by the way. Should've post this to Britney Spears instead, ROFL, Just KIDDING!

    I was wondering, if it will ruined my hair though, because my hair is long about to the middle of my back, it's has lots of volumes and my hair is highlighted with tones, so will it ruined my hair?
  9. Seems like a long ass time to clean out your hair, especially half hour of this and half hour of that, damn
  10. If it's obvious you shaved, welcome to blood testing and other ways. I work at a psych hospital as an intern and I see people in there all the time shaved lmao. Then they get out the needle and they're screwed.
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  11. True, if you came into a testing center with no hair on your entire body then they COULD take blood samples....but why put yourself in that situation? It wouldn't be wise to show up to the clinic to take a hair follicle test and not have ANY hair to sample. They can even take nail shavings if they wanted to... I'm pretty confident that if you show up with enough hair to test (1.5") on the top of your head then they aren't going to go searching in some off the wall place like your pits or pubes.

    I'm not quite sure on the time it takes your blood to rid itself of metabolites and byproducts of toxins like THC or opiates, but at least your blood is not a vault like your hair is. Once those metabolized drug particles in your blood hit your hair follicles, they're in there "forever" or untill you cut it off, or use products that strip your hair of any impurities, like what I described in my first post.

    Regarding the comment that it takes awhile and seems like a lot of work...yeah it does take awhile. Yeah it does suck ass. There is nothing fun about it, trust me. I was a nervous wreck for 2 weeks. BUT....if a 6 figure salary is on the line, beleive me I'll suffer through some salicylic acid acne medicine on my head for a few minutes to pass that drug test.

    My hair felt a little wierd after each time I did that entire process (3 or 4 total) But it wasn't too bad. I used lots of conditioner at night when I took my regular shower. There's no reason why you couldn't use a leave in conditioner or restructuring shampoo after the ordeal was done, also. And, if you experience dandruff as a result of the clean & clear...that TSal shampoo is specially formulated to stop dandruff and does a damn good job, too. You can keep using that stuff twice a week after the test just as a good practice of keeping your hair clean and free of buildup.

    PS) To Screwed: I'm pretty sure that if you do those things at least a few times before the test you'll be alright. Given, I don't know what other drugs you've done or how often. If you stop smoking now, go to that site I posted, and also go to they have an AWESOME live help thing that I used like 4 times. I kept having new questions about that product I bought and if I was doing it right and stuff. You can even call them and ask questions in person. As far as a product goes, though...they're SO expensive, especially to ship. I went with that stuff I said in the first post...but I heard of a few different ones. There are a few success stories for each product, just don't go with whatever testamonials are on a site that sells a product. I'm pretty sure they're bogus or from who knows when, maybe 4 years ago. I used that stuff, paid out the ass, and it worked so I'm happy. Like I said before some people have just did those first three things and passed like 4 tests in a I dunno. With your long red hair, it will pose a problem. You'll have to buy more stuff, and they can test back as far as your hair goes. Figure it like this....if your hair grows about 1/2in each month then divide however many inches your hair is by .5 and thats how many months/years they can TECHNICALLY look back too. Now I've read that they only FOCUS on the last 90 days, or 1.5 inches...but thats not to say they won't look back further if your hair is 5 inches, 9 inches, or whatever.

    I don't want people to consider me an expert on the subject....I'm just an engineer. I can say that I did about 20 hours worth of research on the topic...looking at everything from online journals written by doctors to sites like to various headshops and product websites. I definetally understand how the test works and that it's not a situation where they find some and you fail....there is a cutoff for each toxin; given in parts per million. They basically liquify your hair, put it in a centrifuge, and separate it out in terms of different particulate mass. All the things is your hair will then be separated out for analysis to see how much there is. I'm also like 95% sure that perscription drugs CANNOT be detected by a hair follicle test. So things like adderall and oxy or whatever you do should be okay... I actually read that in the paper 2 days ago there was a front page headline about what a hair test misses. Hope that answers some more questions and creates some new ones! Knowledge is power
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  12. thats sweet dude. I have a hair test monday, and I have smoked like twice in the last few months. Im trying your method tho so hopefully I will rise above
  13. nice post. a lot of great info

  14. be sure to post your results here...hopefully we can get a nice thread stickied that tells about people who passed their hair follicle drug tests. I look forward to hearing your results!! :cool:

    PS) I just got home from work...hehe!!
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  15. Well here I am a week later, I just got the news that I failed my hair test.I followed every instruction left by GROWMAN except i used a different shampoo from the head shop instead of the MUDD that he used, I don't remember the name sorry. I used the tide, clean and clear, and TSAL once a day 4 days before my test. I scrubbed really good and left everything in for as long as i was supposed to. And you were right, GROWMAN, it is not a pretty process. I think I know what burning alive must feel like after the third day of putting the vinager and clean and clear on my head.

    The reasons i can think of that I failed is first of all my hair is almost down to my butt. Second i have been smoking almost everyday for the past 12 years, that is a lot of THC in my body.

    So, I do not doubt that the maccujo method and certain shampoos have worked for others but for some reason it did not work for me. I think people with long hair are just screwed no matter what.

    I just wanted you guys to here a nonsuccessful story. I am not at all trying to challenege the information left by GROWMAN, I really appreciate the info he left, I just think with my long hair I didn't have a chance. But it was worth a try. And for people with short hair, good luck!! I am sure if you follow GROWMAN's instructions you will have a better chance than i did.

    So bye Las Vegas I am heading back home to AZ tommorrow.
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  16. I'm really sorry to hear that.....what a bummer. I wish you the best of luck and just rest assured that there will be more opportunities that come your way. It's part of the harsh reality that for most people here, enjoying THC in its many forms is illegal. It's a risk we all take and not everyone can win.

    I AM pretty sure that having hair down to your butt doesn't help at all, especially if you're not willing to cut it. At half an inch per month thats like 6 years of activity. They could get a positive result from just one hair, lol!!! There's a few things that went against you, unfortunately. You only had a week to prepare, you had CRAZY long hair, you smoked every day for 12 years (which is alot of should have just went all out on the product you bought) and the brand of shampoo was different. You should post what kind you we all know not to buy it.

    Speaking of which, I'd like to get some people with positive results to post here as well. If you tried other product and it worked...this is where to say what you did. Maybe a different detergent? Different vinegar? etc.... Either way....all results good and bad are nice to see.

    Crbolt, what ended up happening??? and to least you did all you could. If you didn't at least try you would have just wondered "what if?" again best wishes.
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  17. OK, it seems that I'm the next test subject. :eek:


    1) I'm a white male w/ shoulder-length, thick blond hair
    2) My last smoke was on July 6
    3) I have a hair folicle test due to be taken on Aug 14
    4) this is a for a job that I really want and need


    1) cut hair to 1 1/2" length
    2) Did 1st Macujo treatment Aug 5
    3) have ordered the exact Mudd treatment specified by growman944 and will rigorously follow his step-by-step procedure.

    Please wish me luck. I'd also appreciate any tips from others that might be in the know.
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  18. I doubt my experience will shed any new light on this subject, but I figure each person's experience can only help understanding this very in-exact science.

    So I stopped smoking at the beginning of July, making me clean for about a month and a half, after smoking regularly for the past couple of years - 4 or 5 times a week. I found out about the hair test for a cubicle-b*tch job I was applying for, and found out during the last interview that the drug test was for hair - don't even get me started on how absurd it is that this place tests every single employee with a hair test...f-cking nazis. I immediately started researching and decided to follow the maccujo method and went out to purchase grocery store vinegar, tide, J&J clean & clear, and nexxus aloe rid.

    I used the aloe rid every day for a week before the test. The day before the test I did the maccujo. First I shaved my head to 3/4", which was the shortest I thought I could get away with. Then I applied the vinegar for 20 minutes, the clean & clear for 20, and the Tide for 10. Washed with Aloe Rid to finish it off. I didn't have too much discomfort on my scalp during the process, which makes me wonder if I should have left the contents in longer.

    Fair warning - the day of the test I took a bike ride to the store. When I stopped moving and was in line, I realized that the stench of vinegar was engulfing me. Even though I had washed my head thoroughly the night before, the sweating caused me to offend everyone within a foot radius of me.

    So while the religious wanna-be nurse took my hair during the test (when I tried to bait him into a discussion about the invasion of privacy this represented to people, he smuggly told me that weed is a gateway drug and then talked about how he doesn't need drugs cause he's got God. Total jerk-off) he commented that he wanted to take the hair from my arms and pits cause it was right on the edge of being too short. I had to act like a big p*ssy and tell him that my skin was too sensitive for that, and he actually relented.

    Amazingly enough, within a week i was notified that I passed and got the job...praise be to jesusallabuddahgeganesh! i did some more reading afterwards and realized that there were things I could have done differently to be more safe. First of all, i should have applied the maccujo more than once, and left the ingredients in longer while doing it. Also, I don't think I purchased the Clean & Clear with the highest concentration of salicylic acid in it, which is key. Also, I would have attempted to purchase one of the shampoos with salicylic acid in it; the following website was informative and high on a shampoo called Toxin Wash

    Its informative, but I have no idea if actually works as well as they claim. They make a good case, but you can never tell with info on the internet

    Also, I found the maccujo thread over at informative, along with this website.

    Good luck to all :metal:

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  19. To rootdown42....HELL YEAH YOU PASSED!!! congrats buddy. I'm glad the info is helping people out.

    I just heard a private school by my parent's house is giving every student a hair follicle drug test before their homecomming dance to determine who is elegible for the game and attending the festivities. How messed up is that??? I can't believe that the WHOLE SCHOOL is getting a hair test. What nieve faculty member decided that would be a good idea? I think they're in for a rude awakening when 20 students pass and nobody goes to the game, lol.

    Anyways, what ever happened to jimsuzo?
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  20. what damn business is it of theirs what you do when you're not at work/school??
    it makes me so mad!! ..just 'cos you give them 8 hours of your day they feel they can control what you do the other 16. bs!

    why can't everyone just say they went to Amsterdam for the weekend and legally smoked weed, no laws were broken so there's no reason for punishment!?
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