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Passed A hair follicle drug test

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by growman944, May 29, 2007.

  1. yea but imma buy the dr green shampoo too so wish me luck lol i spend 2 much money on t his damn hair test lmao
  2. I'd say it could be done for $20 or less.. hair relaxer $7.99-$9.99 .. Heet $1.50 swimmers shampoo $2.99 .. I'd go wroth those 3 things and call it a day
  3. The dr green do i use it thay day
  4. DO I USED THE SHAMPOO right away or my test date?

  5. Are you capable of figuring anything OUT FOR YOURSELF ?? seriously man all the questions you keep asking have answers. stop being lazy and go find the answers out for yourself by reading. I'm giving you the benefit off the doubt that it's a lazy issue and not a ________, issue. So come on step up, and do something for yourself and quit acting like a helpless little kid.
    I ain't trying to be a dick but seriously come on dude.
  6. yea but it's hard when everyone tells you something different
  7. like the hair relaxer i looked what it is but it doesn't really tells me why it helps
  8. If you would have read the links I posted or payed attention to the posts I made stating that the relaxer was a very high alkaline and why that's important you'd have the answer to your question
  9. I, don't mind helping people at all but you gotta be willing to help yourself a little too. You can't expect everything to be spoon fed to you man. Do some reading and comprehension
  10. Without going into too many details. passed a hair test using most of Growmans suggestions. never smoked pot but did use opiates quite a bit. job and career depended on passing this test and was in a panic but recently got the results and passed. It definitely works. Did it about twice a day for four days leading up to the test. Drug use is over by the way. Won't take that chance again. Good luck to all.

  11. how many days were you clean before the test?? also since you said "most" of his methods which ones did u use? Ive only done that shit once so far n my hair seems to be shedding already

  12. Dude Aryanprincess putting dawn burn like a bitch :x i did it 3 times already and im taking a drug hair test tmrw for fun see how it goes and imma buy the dr green shampoo for my real test in case :x
  13. I'm finally reporting back from my post on pg. 191; I just recevied a call stating that I got the job, I was suppose to find out last week, but they said the results weren't in yet, so that gave me a sign that I probably didn't pass. I did cut my hair after I did the macujo method, to right about 1 and 1/2 inches, they thought it wouldn't be long enough, and were going to give me a piss test, but company policy states that it has to be hair folicle. But there is hope, I only had 2 days to prepare, so if anyone thinks none of this stuff works...it does, you just have to be paitent and perservere through the tough times, it's not going to be easy! Just hang in there you can get through it, I'm very excited to report this! Good luck!

    If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I will be more than happy to answer you.
  14. Nice im taking a drug test today lets see how it goes
  15. Good luck liltkid, hope all goes well, let us know the results as soon as you can!
  16. I will let you guys know im taking 2 right now before i take my real one but they should all be the same
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    sweet well lemme kno how that shit goes dude. you only did the dawn?
  18. I did the vinager clean abd clear and tide and then dawn the tsal these test are for fun to make sure i pass but when i go for my real test im going to use the dr green shampoo to make sure even those i pass i know im wasting money but this new job will make me a lot more :)
  19. ok cool well lemme kno how the test turns out. and if you got the money it's better to be safe than sorry man, shit if i had hella money id be all good too. GOOD LUCK!!:cool:

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