Passed a first check marijuana urine test what's the chances of failing the lab?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Jeffersong808, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. took a few small puffs and got a ua four days later.

    If it helps I'm fast metabolism skinny and been sweating running etc.
    drank a lot of water and pissed clear urine before the test.

    Took a home test with yellow urine and passed later that night.

    It says 99.6% accurate. Should I be worried ?! Please help!!
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  2. Also why didn't the home test indicate me as a positive / fail? I smoked four days ago I don't get it
  3. I have no clue but for what its worth I'm doing the same shit. I'd recommend High Voltage Detox double flush. It's what I'm planning on doing after pre-cleasing. Plus it has 98% customer satisfaction. It seems like for a few puffs it'll get definitely get the job done.

    BTW, if anybody thinks I'm talking out of my ass, read the reviews on Amazon.

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  4. Do u think I failed my ua?! :(

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