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pass out?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bonermahoner, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone

    today i was with my buddies and one of them rolled a fat ass slpiff and we drove around smoking it and then packed the roach into a bowl and smoked that. at first i didnt even feel that high. everyonr else claimed to be ridiculously blazed so i thought i would just wait it out.

    about 5 minutes later i still didnt feel much higher but i did feel dizzy and tired. it was in the middle of the day (about 4:30 or so ) so it wasnt a natural tired. i got out of the car to smoke a cig on the trunk. i was sitting there for maybe another five minutes in my sweatshirt with the hot sun beaming down on me. my friend told me to take it off before i overheat but i didnt really notice. at this point i was very dizzy and decided to go lie down in the grass. got off the car and walked about 5 or so steps when i had to stop and i started swaying and i tried to grab onto a bush but my vision went black and i collapsed. i dont remember much after that but waking up and asking one of my buddies that saw what happend,

    he said i just blacked out and collapsed so i was wondering if it was from the bud that made me dizzy or if i just overheated from wearing my sweatshirt out in the hot sun for a while.

    im fine now and not dizzy since ive came down but i thought it was odd. has this ever happened to any of you?

  2. It very well could have been from the heat. I would say it could have been from lack of oxygen while smoking. I had a friend who blacked out after taking a huge hit from a grav bong but idk. Most logical explanation would be some form of heat exhaustion. good luck narrowing down the possibilities.

    heat exhauston:heat exhaustion is a result of excessive heat and dehydration. The signs of heat exhaustion include paleness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fainting, and a moderately increased temperature.

    sound like what you were feelin'?
  3. Sounds like a malignant brain tumor to me.
  4. yeah dude.... I retract my previous statement.... you're fucked
  5. haha thanks guys. in the hospital ill try to score some mmj
  6. that happened to me one time after i had my first gb hit. my vision went completely black and it felt like i stood up to quick then i just leaned against my friends air conditioioner and forgot where i was and didn't know what was going on. i think that's easily the most high ive been.

    did anyone else cough like anything else whenever u took ur first GB hit
  7. Whitey!

    Not very fun while it's happening but boy are you blazed after you come around.
  8. oh man was that unpleasant.. my first and only waterfall, they are pretty much the same thing. i made mine with a 2 liter bottle, and i got FUCKED. ill have to do it again soon.... i think i just figured out how to filter it, ill make a new thread with plans soon, lol.
  9. I think it was a bit of both. With all the smoking you had low levels of oxygen going to your head, your body try to get more oxygen from the water in your body but since you were probably dehydrated it couldnt get it. The lack of oxygen pushed your body into making you unconscience for a few minutes while youre brain received its necessary oxygen. Its happened to me a few times, feels horrible.
  10. it happened twice to me. both times from too much smoke. i took too big of a hit the first time i passed out, and blew out and hit it again twice just like that, next thing i remember i saw blue, then purple, then everything went dark blue and the objects around me turned black and i just remembered hearing a THUNK and seeing a rainbow and feeling some pain. i woke up like 3 seconds later.

    second time was in my basement. too big of a hit from my friends pipe and i fell into a rocking chair and stood up and fell back on it and flipped it and fell over it and hit my head on the wall. drink more water and stay cool when you smoke. cool as in less sun hitting you and looser clothing.
  11. When i went watching the England vs Paraguay game in Manchester square, i got sun stroke and i was trying to get out of there through about 200 people and my vision went all blurry, i heaved about 5 times but wasn't actually sick then i chilled in the shade, got a subway and i was ok :hello:

  12. Lol the it wasn't the first time I took a GB hit, but the first time I took one with white widow, I was a light smoker at the time ( smoked like a bowl a day ) and the GB of white widow I milked it hard, took the hit and it just knocked me on my ass I just like laid down on the floor in the bathroom ( I was using the sink ) and just laid there for like 2 hours cause the thought never occoured to me to do anything else, I was the highest Ive ever been.
  13. I've had my share of passing out/fainting. It's a little scary if it's never happened to you before. For me, it happens when I smoke too much... I think. For some reason I'll start to black out and it seems like my mind just goes numb. I'm still concious of the people around me but it feels better to just lay back, close my eyes, and not say much. The whole time I'll have closed-eye visuals. That part is kind of cool. One time I through up out my friend's car window and when I finally started to feel better and I could open my eyes, I couldn't see at all. It was kind of wierd but it eventually went away. A couple hours later I toked up again and I was fine.:smoking:
  14. you've never baked a car then got out and after 2 or 3 steps started to black out.

    it used to happen to me every time we routed. just gotta stay close to the car to catch yourself.

    it's hilarious when you see me and 3 friends get out of the car and all 4 of us collapse onto the car immediately after and keep our heads there for 10 seconds while we regain vision.
  15. LMFAO this mad me laugh very hard... how about taking a milkshot of haze... omg you look around the room everyone looks so small it's awsome and especially if people are talking you know you can hear them and understand them but it's just not comprehending to you and your like "huh" "yeah" lol

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