Party vs The Perfect female.

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  1. would you rather find the perfect girl for you...or would you rather party and fuck random chicks? and i mean you choose to party the girl choose the girl no partying :3 & why would you choose what you chose?
  2. def the perfect girl for me.. when i go out i usually get so drunk that im almost completely numb... fucking the girl and shit just doesnt do it for me.. having an actual girlfriend must be amazing.. i want to be in love for once. i just hope it happens soon
  3. Having found the perfect girl for me and spent the last 26 years married to her, and having partied and random sex before that, I can say from experienceing both lifestyles that finding your perfect mate is PRICELESS beyond anything you can imagine. It's worth more than gold.

  4. love is a great thing....but when it ends its worse than death

  5. dude thats crazy long ...something to be proud of..more then a quarter century together.
  6. This thread just made me so fucking happy I'm in a great relationship:)
  7. the perfect girlfriend. easily. dont care about fucking random chicks. sex has never been a priority for me.
  8. Im currently in the middle of both of these as i currently have a gf of 3 years and think its now ending. It sucks..kinda hurts but i think we both realize it needs to happen as we not longer have fun and living together is more of a chore than anything. When we do break up ima stay single for a while to revisit some partying time while im still young (25). I dont wanna date for at least a year after graduation from college so i know a bit about the women and know what i want.

  9. Been there and I bear those scars. But I lived to love again. :hello:
  10. The girl must be perfect in order to give up all other girls
  11. Party bro.That's how life is.You take and let go,no body stand's up for you.Always smile.
  12. I'm all for the perfect girl.. Maybe I should stop partying lol.
  13. If there's a such things as a perfect girl, the perfect girl.
  14. I would choose to party, life is too short to be held down :D
  15. That's the thing.. I wouldn't consider it being held down if I found an amazing girl.:smoke:
  16. Definitely the perfect girl in my view the perfect girl fits so well with you everyone else is sub par. Like choosing to smoke three bowls of dirt instead of one bowl of dank.
  17. I used to be like that until my tolerance got so high that I hated smoking so much low grade.. I've grown into the different tastes and highs of dro now though.. SO delicious. Unlike schwag. Low grade is one boring flavor and one boring high. Same old song and dance. :smoke:

    Not gonna lie though, I buy low grade to roll into a bunch of joints to smoke whenever I want.. I don't consider it a smoke sesh though.
  18. That's how it is with women too. You start off on the hoochies but eventually you meet a bomb ass chick and it changes your perspective of having flings with a dumb chick with a short skirt. Sure hoochies still have their appeal but not like that one awesome woman.
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    Those two go hand in hand for me. Can't have one without the other kinda.

    But I'd probably go with a really good girl and a mediocre party.

    JUST one? I don't know... I guess the perfect girl lasts longer than a party, so I'd for with a female.

    I think I misread OP. If it came down to having a good relationship or just fucking randoms I'd go with a relationship everytime
  20. How about the perfect girl that loves to party with you?

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