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Party last nite....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Newbie Toker, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. I found half a joint in my bag yesterday, so i took it to a party, i wasnt really baked but i got a lil buzz. anway, the party story....last party i hooked up wit a girl for most of the nite, but the next day she said it would go no further, well this party i hooked up wit her again (she is fuckin amazin), and by the end of the night me and her were at the same stage as we were last time, COMPLETELY into each other, we were out in the garage up against the car (nothing happened, im the gentleman ;)) and yeh it was fuckin amazin, she is perfect, but now im afraid to ask if it will go any further this time, cause of what she said last time, i was seriously depressed for like 2-3 weeks, and then she gave me a treat and i had a lil 3s company kiss with another girl, and that was pretty damn gd to, but the party was spoilt after the main lot left, a few fuckin rowdies went out into the village and got into a scuffle with a neighbour and one of the rowdies form the party pulled a knife, and the police got called on the party, these rowdies werent even fuckin invited, they just came and fucked the party up, and is prolly gonna get the girl who threw the party in shit BIGTIME, and then there were some scuffles in the party, people tryin to show how hard they are to impress al the girls, funny thing is they all looked like fuckin idiots tryin to fight, and go no were with any girls, and i did, i felt quite proud ;)

    But seriously this point keeps comin up, people always tryin to prove their strength and fight, WHAT THE FUCK is the point???

    **EDIT** When i wasnt with a girl in the party i was in the living room with my rancid/distillers cds blastin out top volume, me and about 4 other people were all up ther skankin and shit, it was REALLY fun, especially lookin at the rowdies lookin up at us tihnkin 'what the fuck?!' and me just tihnkin, yeh shutup bitch im havin the fun your sittin there doin fuck all :-D
  2. That rules man. Sounds like fun.

    I would ask her again. You never know do you? You have to go for it. You could miss somthing big. Sure you might get rejected, but like I said, you never know.

    Yeah, know what you mean. I don't go showing off. Only time I fight is when I need to or I am just fucking around with someone, not showing off, just having fun.
  3. ask her man!!! you got nothing to lose to but a relationship with a "perfect" girl.

    if theres one thing you do in 2004, its talkin to this girl bud. pursue it. you wouldnt be postin your story on the internet if you didnt want her bad.
  4. Yeh i really wanna but i dunno if i could handle it again, she lives near the train station and im catchin the train to meet some people in town, so im gonna call on her on my way back.
  5. Time to get myself wasted, my is goin out in an hour or so and im gonna go fill up my glass with good 'ole jack, she said that she really liked me but....ya you get the picture, it was basically 'nothins gonna happen.

    back to square 1.
  6. Liam Txt Her go on
  7. i already did you dumbfuck, u were when there i did it!!!
  8. i just wanted to Rub it in :p
  9. You fucknut, i am actually gonna punch you tomora
  10. hahah good stuff..

    sorry it didnt work out man, but atleast you tried right? youd be kickin yourself right now if you hadnt.
  11. yeah i know i woulda been, time to buy some weed and toke up to make myself feel better :p
  12. After all you do owe Me i did buy you your train ticket home and shared those 2 joints with you let me in on the deal ;-)
  13. My god, how could someone go to a party without cannabis, you should have arranged before hand, thought ahead.
  14. It was a no weed Party just alcohol
  15. I couldnt have arranged it, I was only told the night before the party and The only way for me to pick up the same day, is to go to a hella shit dealer, and get hella shit weed.

    And luke - you shared 2 joints of shitty hash with me, I cant let you in cause your not comin with us at the weekend, and its not all mine ;)
  16. "people always tryin to prove their strength and fight, WHAT THE FUCK is the point?"

    "i am actually gonna punch you tomora"

    smells like a contradiction.
  17. at least you tried man, some people dont have the courage
  18. btw, i remmeber ordering seeds from seeds direct, and the return address was to a 'Liam Yipp', LOL

  19. It probably does, but i didnt say that cause i wanted to prove my strength, im sayin it because of what he said....
  20. exactly. Some chicks like to fuck around with you like that, ask her again!

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