Parts to get most hp gain in 1995 Z28 LT1??

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  1. I really want to increase the hp in my car about 50hp or somehwhere between 20-150hp gain would be good and im really looking to spend under $1000 maybe $1500 if its a huge gain
  2. nos. lol. turbo, cold air intake there is a bunch of little shit u can do

  3. see i have a K&N Cold air intake and i dont want NOS because its just temporary and turbos for my car are like $2500

    i was thinking maybe an oversized cam but how much of a gain should i expect from that and how much would it cost to have it installed
  4. -Get a new exhaust system
    -Get a new air filter
    -Shave the head

    if you really wanna get into it you can get a turbo/ supercharger
  5. if you gonna slap a turbo on...well that defeats the purpose of a CAI ;)
    go N/A for $1500 you can do a custom cam grind and some better flowing heads...don't know if they have tuning ability for LT1's...a custom tune would do you good with a cam/heads setup.
  6. homemade turbo kit.
    my buddy made one for his spec v sentra. 600 bucks in it.
    he hangs with a 200 whp civic i know.
    and thats a pretty quick car.

    300 whp in a civic > 500 whp mustang
    i got video proof of my boys car if you dont believe me.
  7. if you live in a state that allows it, take off the cat, and get a manifold back exhaust. I know they make a Superchip for the LT1 Camaro, so manage your Air/Fuel Ratio. Get your intake and exhaust bored and polished.
  8. Cooler, denser air is always a good thing, regardless of FI or not.

    I don't know much about cameros, but start buying bolt-ons, like cai and catback exhaust... check out a better forum?
  9. CatBack Exhaust system is a quick 25+ hp gain, You can find a turbo on E-bay for under $1000 new and unused Thats a good 50-80 hp gain depending on the turbo. For an LT1 though I would highly recommend a new computer control modual. The chip runs from $500-700 installed and is an instant +35-40hp. You can have CAM work done. Shave & port your current head, should give you a good 40-50 hp. A new ignition system is a good hp gain. The best thing you can do though if you're wanting to slowly bulk up the HP of your car over time is start internally. Most people strap on HP with no thought of the factory parts not being designed for the extra HP and end up killing their engine. I would upgrade my pistons and rings to race ready parts before I went strapping any extra HP into it. Save you a lot of money later down the road. New rings and pistons can add a good 20-25 hp or more pending the kit. Then your engine will be ready for all the other parts when you add them without worrying about burning them out,.Next do your cam and head. Possibly your Crank for good measure. If you want get a modified crank with short stroke rods, that'll crank the ponies up by almost 100hp.Then go to the bolt ons like turbos and nos. Allot of people don't get that tranny work will do allot for a car to. It won't always add horse power though it can, but it will definitely increase how your car uses it's current HP to the tires. Slight tranny work can cut 0-60 times down by 2-4 seconds and give you a higher top end..
  10. ya you can get some pretty decent heads for under 1500 ... also a pretty badass exhaust (magnaflow pwns all imo.. but maybe thats just cuz thats what i put on mine lol)... also a ECU would be great
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    have the heads worked and cam that bitch if you can,

    naturaly aspirated for the win

    edit: please say nitrous system or setup, wether its dry or wet shot, i just fucking hate the word "nos" lol

  12. wrong... Any car would run better on a cool night as compared to during a hot day.
  13. This is true, But i think what he was trying to get across was that adding a Turbo makes a cold air intake pointless, since most turbos vent into the intake, hence it would go in place of where the CAI would have originally been eliminating it all together. I have a buddy that drag races, he has a pre heating system for his fuel and a liquid nitrogen cooler on his intake to drop the air temp way down. It's an 88 mustang with a 402 built to the gills. Mean sucker, last time he ran it on a dyno he was pushing 1100+ ponies..I've tried with all my heart to get my civic that high but i'm having a hard time even getting it to 1000, I'm stuck in the 900s' Starting to admit it may be impossible as i've about got all the upgrades I can cram in under that little hood. But I haven't givin up yet
  14. what i meant is...turbos come with an intake so there won't be a need of separate CAI.

    by the way to OP, your horsepower won't mean shit if you can't put it down to the pavement...along with horsepower you'll need to look into some good tires.

    and if you're going to juice it...make sure your engine can handle it or at least keep safe at 75 - 100 shot .
  15. you misunderstood me.
  16. exactly!

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