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  1. Hey people im going to parkway drive concert tomorow in sydney, anyone else here going ??

  2. I am not a massive metal fan but I know they are coming again in the No Sleep Til concerts around Oz. Are you going? Im going to No Sleep til Brisbane, the punk lineup is pretty friggen sweet.:hello:

    Anyway should be good for you man have fun.
  3. Man, i friggen want to go to no sleep till rather than soundwave but i cant go to eitehr coz i dont have any money i havent got a job lol and i owe mum 41 bucks for this parkway ticket xP
  4. Ahhhh dude go!!! I know the metal line up is humongous. I just want to see NOFX and The Descendants mainly, the other punk rock stuff is good too, I should start giving the other stuff a listen before I go.

    But I know what you mean, bloody 140 bucks nearly. Should be fun as, be my first festival experience.
  5. 140 bucks and better bands is better than shit bands and 170 bucks..tho i do want to see silverstein at soundwave D:
  6. Yeah Im not fussed on soundwave. I would like to see Mad Caddies but thats about it. Not worth that cash, but maybe if I get a decent job by next year I will just for foolsies and fun :p
  7. i went to it last yeah up here in newcastle.. architects and augest burns red were there too.
    was pretty cool but im not a big fan, just went with a friend.
  8. great band. wish i could see the show.
  9. saw them at warped. they had the best performance that night and played all the songs that i love.
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    i regret missing them at warped tour when it came through.
    im gonna blaze then go to the After The Burial show in my area on saturday.
    then tuesday im gonna see the black dahlia murder in Columbus.
    a very stoned metal couple of days. :smoke:
  11. I saw them play a couple years ago. It was a pretty good show.
  12. Isnt that in Little Nemo?

    edit: Nevermind, that's wallaby way, sydney.

  13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA thats hilarious :hello:
  14. I'm not going but myfriend is. When I told him I couldn't go and I was sad he was just like.
    "So cry me a FUCkING river bitch!"
  15. Hahaha thats good
  16. haha to the cry me ariver lol. i wana go to no sleep til instead of soundwave but either way i have no money lol :( any1 been to a concert high? this is gona be my first concert and first concert high hahaha
  17. Id just like to say for a first concert i dont think anything ever can beat it. Parkway drive was fucking amazing and we smoked a jay walking there it got us all pretty high and we hacked out lungs out and my friend was pissing int he park lol
    Glad i was high because the band i dont like sounded really fuckign perfect lol

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