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  1. I've got a whole bunch of seeds from many different ounces of mids that I've
    had over the last couple of years. Not planning to grow, you understand, I just
    saved them as kind of a hobby. They're in the back of my bong cabinet so they
    pretty much stay in the dark. I'm thinking of taking a few to my local park every
    spring and just drop them on the ground in a nice sunny place. I'm not doing it
    so I can harvest, I'm just doing it to hassle the local cops. I'll never go back to
    the plants to take care of them. I just hope they get reported and the cops get
    tired of pulling up weed from the parks all the time. I'll just drop a few seeds in
    random places in the local parks.

    Kinda putting "Overgrow the government" into action. What do you guys think?
    Is this a stupid idea?
  2. If you have seeds your not going to use, go for it. Hopefully, so many sprout that the pigs just say fuck it and leave it grow! OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT!

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