Paris Hilton

Discussion in 'General' started by briangumble, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. How the hell did Paris Hilton become famous?
  2. I don't think she really is, anymore. The whole "whore" fad is starting to fade...for now...
  3. Don't acknowledge her at all and she'll eventually disappear.

    Do your part today!
  4. honestly, who cares. i dont mind if she is famouse, or if she isnt. she doesnt effect my everyday life. :D
  5. Rich white girl? last name hilton? there's your answer
  6. her dad is rich, that is how she became famous, it is also how she got her own record made.. talent has nothing to do with it

    it makes me sick when i see so many unsigned bands who are absolutely amazing get un recognised and bimbos like this can get record deals instantly, even if its complete shite
  7. she has a fucked up nose

    and shes a whore

    and yeah im not ganna go on because im too high to give a fuck about her
  8. everyone bashes, but you'd all do her.

    she's famous like cheerleaders are famous.

    she's like a cheerleader in the world rather than highschool though.

    she will disappear in a few years.

    that is unless her album drops and she hits #1!!!!

    i don't think she got a record contract, she can just afford to make an album for fun with all the money she has, and she can probably afford to advertise and ship it too.

    she doesn't even need to make money, she's happy getting her name out and ruining music for generations to come.
  9. I'd say the videotape had something to do with it.
  10. fixed

    at one of her book singingd someonr held up a sign that said "i'd rather watch a stephen king porn than read a paris hilton book"

  11. i would not bang her> she's is skinny...ughhhhhhhhhh...
    i like them thick in the waist +cute in the face;)

    thats sumthing paris does not have
  12. I'd bang her and steal her wallet.
  13. but she is the most popular girl in school!
  14. I'm ashamed! I saw that video! *hides*
  15. i'd appreciate it if you speak for yourself and not all of GC.
  16. who cares how, she's fecking gorgeous! Thats all that matters

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  17. I wouldn't say gorgeous but i'd give her a good fuck
  18. She cant sing,
    She is a DUMBASS
    and for those of us that have seen the video she cant fuck either.
    She is a waste of human life

    God help up if aliens are watching our television they will decide we are a race not worthy of visiting. I wouldnt blame them based on her.
  19. This is why our popular culture is a fucking cultural wasteland.
  20. I seriously hate paris hilton, but i don't feel like writing a big long rant about it.

    suffice it to say it's a combination of her looks, her attitude, and that stupid expression she always has on her face when being photographed or interviewed

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