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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by _OneLove_, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. im pretty sure not all parents are like my parents, but mine are strictly religious, 100% against everything. have no idea i smoke, have no idea i have bud leaves tatted all over my chest, and if they found out i have no idea how bad they'd flip. so i hide it all!

    so, some questions about your parents!

    are your parents against you smoking? do you/did you have to hide it?
    if not, do your parents smoke or just don't mind if you do?
    do they let you smoke in the house?
    do you ever smoke with them?
  2. Both my rents have had their run ins with all the shit kids do. I have smoked with both of them and I smoke regularly inside. My mom doesn't really care, though she always wants me to share. :mad:
  3. 1. No but i hide it out of respect
    2 They don't care a lot but a little
    3 no
    4 no
  4. My parents sound like yours
    Well my mom is strictly religious. A few years ago I told her I'm atheist. It took her time to adjust.

    I definitely know that my parents know that I use some sort of drugs. They never question me, but I have a vibe they know.

    I'm sure my mother will be against it
    My father is a court officer for NYC. He used marijuana when he was younger. He was a rebel when he was a youth.

    I'm a good person. My parents know that but they don't understand me. I'm a shady person and they always see that.
    I like herb and herb likes me.
  5. I don't live with my parents, but they know I smoke and they don't care at all.

    Something about getting good grades and holding down a job really shuts them up...
  6. hope this helped. take it easy man.
  7. My parents hate weed.

    They have me go in detox but the center say that my smoking habit were not a problem.

    One summer in high school, I wasn't able to get out of the house.

    What I seriously think is that all their attemp to make me sober just make me smoke more.

    Don't listen to them
  8. I smoke with my dad. Whenever I'm with my dad we're high 24/7.. No weed goes unshared.

    My mom doesn't like it but has pretty much given up on trying to keep me from it.
  9. My dad wasn't around. My mom started smoking pot around 1970. I started several months later. I smoked my first joint w/her and a few others. She still refuses to remember it, lol. She knew I smoked pot often but never said anything either way. She only told us to stay away from harder drugs. I never smoked in my home because I was never home. I would have had no problem smoking at home had I wanted to. She hasn't used weed since the mid seventies, except for some cannabutter I gave her a few months ago. I've been smoking ever since.
    Now that she's eighty years old, she thinks pot is bad and it interferes w/your life in many negative ways. She thinks it's a horrible addiction. This could be from the many years of brainwashing she received while going to GA (gamblers anonymous). I point out how successful I've been in life and she says I'm the exception. :rolleyes:
    I smoke with my daughter. She hasn't had to buy weed in many years because I grow :smoke:.

  10. are your parents against you smoking? do you/did you have to hide it? Probably, never asked. I do.
    if not, do your parents smoke or just don't mind if you do? No
    do they let you smoke in the house? No
    do you ever smoke with them?

    They let me live my own life, but they would definitely be disappointed if they knew. I don't think either has ever tried MJ.

    I'm 20.
  11. I don't live with my parents but they'd flip their shit. My brother has had problems with weed so that would be part of it. I did have a conversation with her where I clearly said that there are people who let pot rule their lives and those that use it to enhance their lives. If it ever comes up I'll point out that all my shit is taken care of first.
  12. yeah, my parents sound like yours. They don't know I smoke as far as I know but Im pretty sure they think something is up.

    I respect my parents and so I would never smoke in the house. I know they wouldnt be down for it even if they knew i smoked
  13. I waited til I moved out to smoke weed...but when I was 18 living at home and they found I smoked tobacco....that flipped a I assume weed would be much fact one time I came eyes dilated from what I assume was smoking a black and mild in a dark car with some buddies...and she accused me of doing acid

    my parents were nazis back they know I smoke but neither of us bring it up
  14. Mine know I do it every now and then - they're not particularly happy about it but never give me grief...and they know I never go overboard with it too.

    We all smoke cigs anyway, so yeah I smoke inside...

    I've smoked with my mum for my first time (controlled relaxed circumstances...y'know - so I wouldn't freak out)
  15. are your parents against you smoking? I doubt my mom is,but I've never told her.
    do you/did you have to hide it? I hide it now.
    if not, do your parents smoke or just don't mind if you do? My mom smokes for sure but I think it would just be more awkward if she knew that I did.
    do they let you smoke in the house? I do it anyways.
    do you ever smoke with them? No.
  16. Sounds similar to me.

    My step father uses everyday all day, and he looks down on me for it? Like wtf? I smoke weed for fun, not to escape my family life like he did. My mom also had a rebel youth but HER mom used heroin and my biological dad used/uses cocaine.

    Now, my best friend of 3 or 4 years is in jail in Utah, another good friend in jail in Houston. Drugs fuck lives up.

    My grandfather who is 75 or so smoked weed once, (I think its pretty funny) and I have to say, they all had to deal with my grandmother who died at 53 from a physical addiction to heroin, so, they naturally assume that since we both started with weed, I will end up with heroin in my veins.
  17. Well my dad has been selling pot since late 70s and he has no problem with me smoking. I have done it at home since i was 16 without being yelled at.My mom on the other hand is a diff story. She knows I smoke but would rather i didnt, she jokes about it a lot.
  18. My dad smoked weed when he was a teenager but stopped after college. Both my parents don't like me smoking weed simply because they don't want their kid doing something illegal. I have no problem with that. A good parent keeps their kid out of jail.
  19. my parents are completely and totally against it. i got caught smokin in the house once when i was 17. fuckers said they were goin to the city for the day and come back a half hour later to catch me smokin a bowl. they flipped shit, said they would call the cops if they ever caught me again, so i just dont do it at home. which means im never home except when im sleeping. lol
  20. Well honestly I am the parent, but I will answer as honestly as possible.


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