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    hey, tried searching for a story like mine but nothing came up. If there IS a thread somewhere- please direct me to it!! :)

    Hey all, I'm back home (was here all week but leaving to go back to school tomorrow for summer classes/a job/my house back where I attend school) and have been debating somehow smoking with my dad... or both my parents! When I walked into the house it reeeeked of MJ. (Last Friday Morning at 10:30am after my drive home from College) I brought it up with my mom and she said my dad was making cannabutter for a friend.

    I accidently stumbled upon a huge bag of their weed once and recently discovered their bong (pre-loaded ... all ready to go with a few hits taken from it haha) and one of their pipes (SWEET PIPE I MUST ADMIT!) Note: they don't know I smoke anywhere NEAR the amount that I actually do lol. They think it's just a weekend thing or with my friends... once in awhile. The reality is - I smoke like ... 2 times a day! Before breakfast and after dinner usually (with the exception of the times with friends and such).

    Fast Forward: My mom told my dad I knew about the cannabutter (I didn't tell them I found their stash once or anything) and he freaked out cause she told me the friend's name (Dad thinks I shouldn't have been told his friend's name... which is understandable considering I MET the guy)

    So basically tonight is my last night with them, and I was wondering how to bring it up/what to do... I don't want them to start yelling at me that I will waste my money on it- considering I am paying my own way through school... I just don't want them to always come back to the point that I smoke and thus waste my money - even though they smoke. Ya know what I mean??!

    PS: I'm a 21 year old girl....with 2 jewish parents.... lol.. so yeah. :) :smoke: help mee outttt thanks!

    sorry for the long rant/read
  2. if they do it i think you will be fine

  3. Yeah, just kinda jokingly bring it up. Then offer them a joint of your best bud. Works every time.
  4. Honestly just ask them, if they smoke in their house then they must be very familiar with it
  5. LOL, your parents will probably smoke you under the table.

    just be like i thought for dessert we'd share a jay?
  6. my recent experience with telling my rents was way above what i thought...they were hippies in the day and laughed it off basically, saying they were "kings of that stuff". Go for it...tell them u know they smoke so why not..
  7. Wow. That's pretty cool. I know my pops used to smoke hella chronic back in the day, but he doesn't smoke anything now...
  8. You don't bring it up. If they want to broach the subject they will.
  9. I would say bring it up jokingly and be like so you guys are cool right? and bring out (whatever you use to smoke with) and then just pass it to them without asking and they'll be like OKAY :D
  10. Just walk up to them with a Joint hanging from your lips. Best way to force the issue I think. You could ask them to toke with you but they might feel that this would pass their parental boundaries which is cool. They already know you smoke bud so what harm can be done?
  11. They'll ask you when they're ready.
  12. They're Jewish?! :eek:

  13. wow wow wow thanks for the input, fellow tokers. I wound up not smoking with them but maybe next time cause my dad almost mentioned it and wanted to smoke. Sooo.. haha I'll try and find this thread again and bump it with the end result in a few weeks. Thanks so much, I forgot to come back and check this and now I'm back where I go to school.

    Happy Tokin'!
  14. role a j or pack a bowl and walk up to them be like mom dad u want to hit this see what happens
  15. i want my life to be like that when im older, chillen with my wife takin bongs rips thru out the day and chillen with friends all professional like and sitting there getting chuckels watching my kid go through the same stuff i did when i was younger and thnking "oh to be starting out smoking pot" hahahahahha

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