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Parents Trip!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ArtesiaBuds, Sep 5, 2002.

  1. damnit, i'm getting sick of this. Today i went to my friends to blaze out and as i was ringing the door bell his mother answers the door, takes a funny look at me and then questions me like the FBI. Finally she goes and calls my her son, with a angry voice invites me in. As i was walking up the stairs she makes a funny face to her son and then, get this.......actually tells me to pull up my pants! fellow stoners, do any of you have this problem going to a new house to get baked and have roomates or parents give you crap? this needs to end. Parents need to chill out and take a fat bong rip.
  2. nahhhh..just respect them....its easier that way.
  3. Yeah, I usually just take parents looks and comments with a grain of salt. If they would just get to know me then they would see I'm not that bad of a person. I mostly have to worry about room mates since all my friends and I don't live with parents anymore. But it is frustrating!!!! My problem is that my reputation sometimes proceeds me.........even though 99% of it isn't remotely true. But respect them and eventually they will show u respect. If not, just ignore them!!!
  4. haha dude what else would parents do if you walk up all thugged out asking to talk to their kid.. they probably think youre a crack dealer or some shit hahahaha..... :smoking:

    seriously though just try not to think about it, and maybe dress a bit nicer for your friends parents.. arguing wont get you anywhere really, they barely even know you and i doubt theyd listen

  6. yeah man its mad phunky.. i wish i could make it an av though
  7. LMAO man........yo that shit is too funny.....why in the world would she make you pull up your pants out of all things......why not somethin logical like ummmmmmm emptying out your pockets.......LOL thas pretty shitty though man i hear ya

  8. hahahaha ohhhh shit, i get told that all the time by my folks, you just laugh after a while then bust your boxers out :p
  9. When i started smokin when i was 12 i used to get people sayin to me that i'm a dirty little drug addict and i also used to get dodgy looks from people that i know when i walked down the street with red eyes.I was scared that i would get into trouble with my family and school.Now that i'm older, wiser and more stoned i don't give a fuck who knows i smoke the green.If anyone has a problem with me smokin bud and starts having a go at me they'll get a smack in the mouth! My advice to any scully tokers who have problem with parents and other peoples parents is to be honest and tell them you smoke the green and you don't give a shit what they think!


    LEGALISE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. im disappointed.
  11. I would tell you to pull your pants up AND turn your hat around straight and then take off your hat when you come in my house. And if you didn't, I'd snatch them boxers up into an atomic wedgie till you apoligized for your disrespectful attitude. ;)
  12. i am with u on that one bpp, i have an 18 year old son and some of the ass crack bearing friends he has donot even know how to respect themselves much less anyone else, there have been a few bannings from my house.. and i am not even a hard ass i smoke with my son, he shows moderate respect when it suits his needs as i am sure we all did when we were that age,,, the key is respect where u are and who u are with

  13. My response comes from the simple fact that its my ass that wakes up every morning at 5 am to go to work at a hellhole so I can get paid on friday so I can pay the goddamn greedy banker a house payment the first of every month. After all the shit that I have to do to make a home, I will be damned if I'm going to take any shit from anybody in my own home.;)

    AND, it was my hillbilly dad who taught me that. I don't mean to come across as a hard-ass but its my house and I'm going to do what I want in it and if you don't like that then get your ass off my property. ;)
  14. so..what if i just busted off in your door smokin a bowl and offerin some buds ?

  15. I agree that you should respect your elders (and everyone). But they should respect you back. Telling someone to pull their pants up seems like a rude thing to say and I don't quite understand how it shows any disrespect to the parent of your friend to wear your pants low (since it's just a dumb fashion). I guess you could say that it's your property and you don't like the way it looks so they should listen to you, but thats totally illogical. I don't wear baggy pants, or wear mine low, but my dad usually makes jokes to my friends who do (usually at their expense, which tends to work enough to get them to pull up their pants).

  16. Same here BPP. Don't come to my house unless you can respect me!

    My ex bought my oldest son a pair of those baggy pants that are in style last year. I made him take them off then burnt the 80.00 dollar pair of pants. In my house you act like you are respectfull.....
  17. i dunno about the whole burnin bout a belt?
  18. Haven't you herd? You can't use belts anymore!

    I am not trying to be a hard ass, but if your not properly dressed then just don't come around.

    I had an employee who never wore a belt and his pants would get down to the bottom of his ass. I asked that he either get a belt or stay at home. Haven't seen him again!
  19. i can understand both sides here, of course, i always try to be respectable, ie pull up my pants, take out eyebrow ring, etc etc etc, firm handshake, look into eyes, ya know, all that stuff...but burnin pants....whoo wheee...that is rough...

    you still havent told me what would happen if i busted off in there smokin a bowl BPP

  20. no offense, but maybe YOU should be more respectful towards your son and ex. and how the fuck is wearing baggy pants 'disrespecting' anyone anyway? jesus, maybe you should learn a little tolerance or something, you know?

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