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parents that smoke weed..hell yeah

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by big_will, Aug 17, 2003.

  1. I think it is like the tightest shit. My homeboys Mom smokes weed with me and him when i go over there. There like Mexicans or Spanish, but man they can smoke some weed. I think he has got it made though. She gets the weed for them and everything. For Christmas, I would be like Mom i want a pound of some good for Christmas or my birthday. It would take the weight off my shoulders if my parents smoked a little green. They tried it when they were younger but only one time. They said they didnt like it that much. I bet you if they smoked one with me, that knows how to do it right they would enjoy it. My first experience wasnt all that great, but the next time it was like going to a fantasy land. It was awesome.


    oh yeah and smoke one and then another one and..........

    Peace out my fellow stoners and chiefers
  2. I toke with my mom all the time she bought me the stuff for my closet setup and she checks my plant when im gone away from home. She bought me MD 20/20 and I got so damn drunk.... MY MOM ROCKS!
  3. big will im willing to bet they tried it more than once heh
    specially if they were in the US during the 60's and 70's.
    some of the most uptight parents ive met used to be hardcore stoners. even if they weren't stoners, they prolly smoked a lotta ganja just living thru the hippie era. if they tell u they "experimented" once or twice they lying =P

  4. HAHAHA!!!

    They're lying their asses off...
    My parents told me the same thing when I was younger...
    But I visited my parents a few weeks ago and brought up the subject, and my dad's all for the legalization...
    You could see it in his eyes that he was lusting for a good toke...
  5. I just finished a session with my mom and dad,i get the herb for them every week so i smoke about every other day with them....

    Oh ya it was a bong session too,man we got toasted....
  6. My mom is always bugging out, and she seems kinda depressed. I really wish she would smoke some weed. I truely believe it could help her out. She just needs to unwind at the end of the day.
  7. I don't live with my mom but every time I see her (almost every weekend) she gives me weed. Used to be like a half ounce every time. But since I haven't been smoking for some months, she just tosses me a joint or two for my friends. But yeaaah, she likes the bud from my dealer more than her dealer (which is sad, older people are supposed to have the good shit), and I gotta get her some sometime this week.
  8. man my dad was a huge pothead. and all my uncles. they did other stuff too but mainly that. my dad still did it until he got sent to prison like 2 years ago. and my other uncle went to prison for selling pot. this same uncle got busted when he was a kid for trying to walk outta the dentist office with a tank of laughing gas on his back. and ya know that all the kids back then at least tryed it. but the bad thing is that i never got to smoke with my dad. lol
  9. hell yea i have no kids right now thank god,lol, (too young), but when i do get kids, if i ever have any, ima be a tokin mommie just like GM. :) luv ya babe!
  10. man when do yall blaze? it seems like itd be hard to find a time to smoke without ur kids discovering that u smoke pot
  11. yes my mother smokes weed, my friend smokes with her also do i, ashley and me and chris and trisha, and me smoke with her all the time. isnt that right babe.?
  12. You guys are probably raising cool kids.. I mean, by the time they're 15 and up, they should be able to handle the fact that you smoke it without blabbing it around to everyone, ya know? Just gotta give the facts when you think they won't tell anyone and everyone that you smoke..
    If they get brainwashed by DARE and all that, teach them the right way!
    "Hey I've been smoking for yeeeears, I'm not dying, I'm not a criminal, and I think I raised some pretty good kids.. Weed isn't as bad as they would have you believe"

    But eh what do I know, I'm just 18 myself.
  13. lmao. i acually find it kind of funny when you see like an 18 year old mother that has like a 6 or 7 year old kid. they shouldnt have been fucin around when they were like 12. unless it was rape caused, cause that would suck.
  14. Yeah my dad was always straight up with me about it, i used to roll joints for him when i was a lil kid and i was always hangin out when somebody was smokin' out catchin' tha contact. He always told me that if i wanted to get high let him know and he'd sesh wit me. I used to hook him up when i was like 16 cause all my friends were gettin tha good shit. Now when we hang out oz's last a few days between us always blazin' up and just chillin' it's pretty pimp.

  15. Hi Guys...I'm a fifty something toker original....hey dads those kids getting too cool for ya? my 16 year old boys a
    cool popular kid, he knows I toke a lot.... since he can big deal really, we don't talk about it much,
    he can judge for himself that I'm an ok functioning artistic and productive father....guess any day now he may be his mates....may even serve to wake him up a bit!
    Good to join the board...
  16. Thanks for the welcome ...fair sister lady!

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