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Parents just took my new blow torch and scale :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by As Above So Below, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. So I got some wax over the weekend, first time having a gram for personal use. So I went on Amazon and bought a nice blow torch that was on sale (was $60 now $28) and a small scale because I've been needing to get one. I've had Amazon Prime for a while now and it has my old address on it, where my parents live, but I no longer reside there.
    She calls me up today asking me WTF I need a blow torch and a scale for? She knows I've been smoking for years. She asks what I need a torch for and I tell her for dabs. She proceeds to tell me I don't need to be doing that shit and throws my new torch and scale away :(
    She was always cool with me smoking as long as it's not in her house, she just threw everything away because she was pissed that I accidentally sent 'drug paraphernalia" to her house lol, complete accident.
    So time to drop another $35-40 to get Another blow torch and scale :( 
    It's sucks even more because I've been tracking that shit all day while I've been at work and right when I left I saw that I put my old address. Fuck me!

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    How can GC be of assistance to you today?
  4. use matches.  :poke:
    :bongin:  :bongin:  :bongin:
  5. Why would your mother open a package that's addressed to you?

    Are you sure you're telling us the full, true story here?
  6. Opening mail that's not addressed to you is a federal offense. Remind your mother of this as she's reimbursing you for your things.
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    LOOOOOLLLLL I can't even IMAGINE what my mom would do to me if I tried telling her that shit. I haven't lived with her in a few years and she'd still hit me if I tried pulling some smart ass legal bs on her.
    "Oh you want me reimburse you? YOU want ME to REIMBURSE YOU?! Get your ass upstairs to your room!"
    "Mom you turned my room into an office years ago"
    "Well then you better do some god damn homework!"

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    how was it a complete accident?
    did you mean to put an address other than hers on the package?
  9. Amazon will save your address, and it will automatically select the last used address unless you remember to change it. I've done the same thing but caught it before shipping

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    I had Amazon ship a glass nail by accident to the rehab I used to go to and then worked at. I didn't expect those kooks to understand but I'm plenty successful now so they can jump in the lake anyway. But damnit Amazon, why are you so cruel to the stoner community.
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    If you even bothered to read the OP you would see that I clearly state that I do not reside there any longer. I mean it says it right there in the first three lines man lol...
    And yeah, by law she can't open it, but it's my mother lol. Like I'm going to call the cops on her for opening a package... I'm not a little kid lol.
  12. Don't waste money on an torch head down to your local home improvement store and tell them you're looking for a small propane torch. Costs about $15 lasts 4x longer and is a lot cheaper.

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    Naw I made it all up for attention...
    That is the full story :)
    I also ended up buying a vape pen and ordered the same torch/scale online lol. Should be here sooooon.
  14. Jajajaj your mom opens your packages? What an invasion of privacy. If my mom did that shit I would give her a legal lesson and then proceed to get my fucking shit back or my money. You already moved out of your house so you should have the balls to confront your mom and tell her how wrong she was in doing this.

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    nice spanish laugh.
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    Or you could buy a bic or even steal one if you have to, not that hard to nab one from the store   :ph34r:
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    I can honestly say that, no, no you would not. 
    And confront her about what? She knows I smoke. I am not living there anymore. I accidentally got it shipped to her house not mine... 
    Yeah I was mad at her for throwing my shit away but $40ish bucks? That isn't shit to me. It just sucks that I have to wait longer lol.
    And please, please tell me you'd call the police on your mother :laughing: What a fuckin' joke man. 
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    Torches aren't the best way to light up, they burn through bud faster and waste a lot more fluid.
    If you bought the torch because you're worried about burning your fingers, just buy some hemp wick 
    plus you spent too much on a torch IMO, you can get a good refillable torch for like $8 :smoke:
  19. Yeah how old are you? Why didn't you go get it out of the trash?

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