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parents just found out...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobmarley12, Aug 11, 2011.

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    That I smoke... They were so disappointed I felt terrible... But they kept saying that they think it will lead to worse things which disappoints me that they think I would do that and they think that by smoking weed that I'm throwing my life away... I dono why I posted, i just wanted to see what your responses would be... And yes I'm 18 I turn 19 in 5 days
  2. Just explain to them that it's just an accessory in your life. Try to explain why you smoke and why they should support your decision. Maybe even some helpful movies? the union?
  3. Dude just show them your not going to blow you life. Show them that its personality that leads to other drugs and not herb. Show successes with weed by your side and you'll b fine.
  4. now that its out in the open, you can blaze fat and not worry about it, here:

    blaze fat in living room + volunteer some where= see it ain't so bad
  5. sit them down. make them watch the union. talk about it in a responsible and mature manner and tell them this is your life choice (hell your freaking 19 you can do what you want). tell them how all the myths are BS and all that jazz.
  6. The union should cover this one mate.

    Sidenote: You shouldnt feel bad man, there isn't anything wrong with smoking, the only thing thats making you feel this way is your parents outlook on marijuana... prove em' wrong.
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    I told them why I did and I don't think a movie would help... Their big defense is that it is illegal in Illinois and that if I got arrested for it then I would be fucked.. Which is why I'm responsible when I smoke but they think that I'm gonna throw my life away its ridiculous
  8. plus, you can show them how not smoking kills.

    41,317,000 died in 2010 of various NON-weed related things. so these people were not smoking weed, and died. i rest my case....
  9. Thanks everyone I appreciate it. That's y I love this place... But I prolly won't take it any further tonight and I dono what I'm gonna do yet.. All suggestions r helpful though thanks again
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    Haha that's some funny shit
  11. they sound like my parents lol i couldnt even get my mother to watch the union with me because she didnt want to get proven wrong on her beliefs of weed...blah blah blah i just gave up and so did she, as long as they dont see me doing it it was all cool beans..................... just like masturbation :hello:
  12. It always sucks when your rents find out bro, i remember when mine found out my mom wanted to send me to rehab lol but eventually warmed up to it and let me smoke in my room so i wouldent get busted, but my dad i was sketchin on what he was gonna do but i got to his house sat down at the table n he tossed a bag infront of me and told me to roll one up. Turned out pretty good for me. I hope you make good progress with your situation, just try to explain to then like a lot of others have stated. Good luck
  13. honestly just educate your parents. my mother never knew that marijuana was a harmless drug. the only thing she was worried about was it leading to other things. i just assured her that i would never do anything that would harm me. i told her thats why i decided to try pot in the first place, because nobody has ever died from it and because it is not addicting.
  14. That sucks try to show them some research articles my mom found my stash yesterday and she just laughed told my dad no big deal but I'm sure she's known since I was in high school tho.
  15. You really need to educate them get them to watch the Union tell her it doesn't kill brain cells and it's not really addictive or harmful and it's not a stepping stone.

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