Parents HATE Marijuana

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  1. So today i was confronted about a pipe and some papers that my parents found in my room. I still live at home so it's their rules and all, and we had this big fight about it. I fed them all the information how it doesn't cause cancer and it doesn't cause depression and it reduces tumors and stuff. But i also agreed with them about the negative side effects like small amounts of tar and chemicals. I promised them i wouldn't do it anymore as long as I still live at home and all that jazz. They now know how i feel on the subject now and that I'm for legalization and I'm for an age limit and no driving while under the influence. Basically I spilled my guts about the whole situation and it's all out there. I feel really good and better bout myself. Theres gonna be some weird times and they are gonna be suspicious for a while bout me going out and coming home late. I guess this is advice for you guys who still live at home and try to keep it from your parents. Confessing when you are put up against a wall is better than denying. Its just gonna raise more and more suspicion and the consequences are gonna be rougher when your caught. Being straight forward is the way to go, if you have bongs or papers give them something from your stash so they think they have all your stuff. And try to agree with them how it's a drug, but show them it has so many benefits that out way the negatives. I know i have to move out soon and start my own life, but in the meantime I don't know if I'm gonna keep smoking. I gotta get a job and i have to start putting my life together. I think marijuana is just gonna slow me down in that process and I don't want to get caught and have to face my parents like that, breaking their trust again. Just be careful guys and remember your parents are looking out for you and they aren't as informed as you are. So give them a heads up and try and show them the facts. Don't force it on them tho, some people just won't change. I wish you all the best and consider this just a confession of sorts. If you feel the need to post go right ahead, I just don't see this as a topic for discussion. Good luck everyone, keep tokin :wave:
  2. ya ur right, they do.
  3. Smoke a joint with em, They'll change they minds.

    But naa on the real if you smoke and it slows your roll watch your smoking.

    I mean like if its during the day you smoke then jus wanna be lazy and watch tv ya need to change that shit.

    Get your shit straight and get everything done THEN smoke and its like a reward.
  4. Damn that sucks. Just makes me feel luckeyer that my parents don't mind.

    but yeah if you want to keep smoking then don't do it at home and keep a thing of eyedrops around.
  5. He's right. If you're busted, you're busted, it's better off just being truthful. My parents were strongly against me smoking while still living in their household, but my mom shared to me he true fear, and that's weed leading to other drugs.
    I assured her it won't. Because it will not.
    I said I'd never smoke agian. Now I only go out to smoke after they go to bed. I think they know, they're not stupid, but I'm 20 now and as long as I'm not getting high everyday starting at 6pm and as long as I'm not getting in trouble I think they will leave me alone.
    They both smoked. Idk how much but they def. tried. My Dad probably moreso than my mom.

    THank god I have intelligent parents.

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