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Parents giving MMJ to kids. Your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GanjFarmer', Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Id be up to some legitimate experiments and studies to be done. But as it stands now logic dictates that the concerns that have been propagandized are almost entirely bullshit. As exampled by the DROVES of people who smoked at an early age with no ill effect.

    I started smoking at 12. So for medical use i would see that as even less of a problem to developing youth in my experience. As my iq is 145 and it sure didtn stunt my growth cause im 6'5. So any perceptions we have of any "negative" aspects are based upon viewing people who are "stoners" as some sorta negative effect of marijuana. But there is no control to that because no one views the "stoners" who have no ill effects at all in their judgement.

    So i mean id be up for a legitimate study since i started smoking at an early age with no effects. At least not that ive noticed yet. So to say no id need to see some proof of ill effects. Which i have not.

  2. lol. drugs affect the development of the brain. Someone with a 145 iq should be smart enough to know that.

    This is not be all, OMG WEED IS BAD OMG. GOVERNMENT WAS RIGHT. It's about actually knowing how the body works and what drugs can do to a developing mind.

    This is not to say that everyone who smokes while their brain is developing will have major issues, BUT, reasoning, making decisions, all that shit IS affected. It is ignorant to say it is not. Heavy use, OF ANY DRUG, can have the potential to mess with your ability to make decisions if you do not allow the brain to develop properly.

    Seriously, go back to school.
  3. If it's a CBD concentrate with little to no THC content then why not

  4. Heavy use of any drug? Ibuprofen? Tylenol? Benadryl? Sunscreen? ChapStick?
    Midol? Just because something is a drug does NOT mean it has an effect on your brain
  5. 18 or older to smoke. just like cigs and what it should be for alcohol. Its not an exact science and clearly doesnt solve all the problems but its definitely a good alternative. if theyre any younger and really need weed theyll have to settle for that pill form of marijuana which isnt really merijuana but as close as you can get

  6. or mj and ritalin combo. space them right out...
  7. Honestly, the problem with young people doing it is that they lack the sense of responsibility, so they choose to get high instead of doing their homework, some of them do anyway. I think when it's used in small doses, taken as an edible, and given to them by a parent, it's actually better than if they were to find it on their own. Teaches them to use it responsibly at a young age
  8. And that kid has no friends. I think its just covering of his problem I think he needs to do some mental exercises or some shit. I wonder if momma ever smokes some to deal with that kid lol
  9. Ok well i can dissect this and show you how a 145 iq works using logic.

    First statement. Most likely one can say that they do. The question now becomes are these effects positive or negative, and based upon what dosages? Because many "drugs" are perfectly fine in correct dosage.

    In fact weed is, i think, the only drug on earth where dosage doesnt matter. So logically based on the evidence that i can OD on water but not on weed. I can infer and use my brain to understand that weed does need to be placed in a separate category from just "drug." As (and im no scientist but i feel pretty confident. idk though a university didnt spoon feed it to me so who knows) every single other drug on earth can kill you in some capacity. Plus even more things that are good for you can kill you in high enough quantities. But not weed.

    So does it effect the brain? Most likely. Is that effect positive or negative? Well now we have some use for science. Science that has NOT yet been conducted. However, as i said, given my personal experience the effect is positive. As is with most.

    The only negative aspects that tend to come to light are related to external catalyst. Someone having a panic attack. Most likely not due to chemical reactions but more due to social programming and illegality. If weed wasnt illegal most people would not be paranoid(a select few my remain paranoid sure).

    As far as it stunting brain development.

    THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF THIS. Just because stupid people smoke weed and thats the image that has been implanted into your brain(and everyone elses) of what a stoner is, thats what you identify. But as i said its merely a person who was stupid who now smokes weed..... and is still stupid. So the "scientific" approach IS NOT WHATS BEING TAKEN. There is no control to your opinion.

    Im a stoner who dropped out of highschool and i make people with masters and phd's look like fucking retards, daily. Because i was born intelligent. So what the societal view of "intelligence" is, in a world where everyone is a retard, isnt what those who are truly intelligent hold in high regard.

    I left school because i cannot be taught by those who are retarded. Can i?

    Now again i dont have a control for my own experiencement(yes i made that word up just now just incase you wouldnt realize). Could my iq have been 160 now if i hadnt started smoking at 12? Could be. But do i have any negative side effects? So far after 16 years... just munchies still.

    Fact is this could be incredibly positive for children. Obviously on weed country the lil kid with epilepsy is getting CBDs stopping his seizures. So there are non THC cannibinoids that have positive effects as well.

    But as for effects on the brain? Dunno. Seems more good than bad at this point. Proper studies should be done. My assumption that its beneficial is no more truthful or false than your assumption that its bad. What does logic dictate? We know many of the other drugs are bad and weed is the only drug on earth you cant overdose on. That is a very good place for logic to start. When water, the giver of life, can kill you before weed does? I mean logic has to say something to you about this? We should not think we know because we sure dont.

    I can tell you my experience though. And actually i think the very first time i may have even been 11. Given the reference of my intelligence vs everyone else i observe? Weed has had no ill effect on myself and my brain development.

    Now if anyone would like to come forward and say "oh gee i used to be so smart when i was 10 then at 11 i started smoking weed and now im really stupid....." well then we might have an argument.
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    I don't think anyone would give their kids it to smoke

  11. great question!

    first of all - we have to agree that weed can harm certain people and their state of mind. second, we have to look at the reasons why this person is smoking mmj.

    when you're a certain age, you are very impressionable. i would say no to kids smoking mmj if their going to smoke up everyday and they go around acting like their the hottest shit to roam the planet. which is what 99% of kids will do.

    however, i'd say yes if lets say my son (if i had one) was between the ages of 14-18, and was very sick with a fever.

    i would give him a couple hits to help him relax. but i would also be sure to explain to him the pros and cons to him about weed and the effects it has had on my life personally growin up (i started blazin at 14) and how you can't treat it like its a toy. walkin around sayin shit like "yoooo i got this shit that'll fuck u up son, its some bomb dope". my kid would be very educated on the subject and i would allow them to make their opinions just as i did that age. when you get to be 14-16, that's the time in a kids life where becoming an independent thinker is very necessary. i think if you approach it correctly and teach correctly, it's ok. but if you just go up to your son one day and say "hey wanna blaze" like my dad did, that is not the right way of going about things.
  12. Non of you are sure enough to know that cannabis may or may not affect a developing brain and what it effects and how it effects it nor when it may be more prone to the effects and so on... plus there are limited studies.
    How are you to know which chemicals found in it do what?
    Sooo... shush.
    Of course it may help pre existing conditions to surface, like schizophrenia.
    However CBD is more opposite of THC because it is making its own non psychedlic effects.
    MMJ isn't limited to just THC strains and meds.
    C'mon people... shit.
  13. Agreed. There are studies but not medical so you can take them with a grain if salt. All of these kids on here who think the only way to use weed is smoking it and thc is the only thing going. I am huge into high cbd strains. They have great benefits. That's all I really grow. I believe this is the reason the government keeps it a schedule one drug. No medical reason so they will not put out any money towards mmj research because big pharma is lining their pockets.
  14. Good..but I personally believe it should be edibls,tintucures,oils smoking.
  15. No smoking. I really wouldn't even think edibles. I know when I eat mine I still get super stoned. Just topical and tintucurrs made out of glycerin.
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    As long as it's for medical use why not? But it's also true that it would be a fucking big issue giving MMJ to kids. But who the hell cares if it was my kid I would not think twice but I would certainly educate him/her about MMJ.
  17. Links please.
  18. If they need it then yes

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