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Parents giving MMJ to kids. Your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by GanjFarmer', Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Came across this on youtube tonight. My opinion on it is, definitely any person at any age should be able to use MMJ to help them. BUT, it depends on what they're using MMJ for. Help you eat or help with pain, yeah. To help somebody "Calm down" ehh not sure. Thoughts?

    Medical Marijuana for Kids - YouTube

    If this thread even goes anywhere I can probably fond some more stuff to post on the topic.
  2. This is a very difficult question to answer really, because in one hand, many will argue that it's completely "harmless", when those of us who have used it long enough and witnessed others using it know the impact it can have on someone who is too immature to keep their priorities in check.

    Teens are in that critical career-defining time in their lives, struggling to maintain that 3.5 or 4.0 average in high school in order to try and compete with hundreds of thousands of other students for scholarship funds, all while also learning to drive a car for the first time, and passing drug tests to get their first job.

    Introducing cannabis for whatever reason at that age should not be taken lightly.
  3. I totally agree. I was thinking about how I was when I first started smoking. I started smoking at 14, and I kind of feel like I wasn't ready. I let weed take over my life, I lied stole and cheat for weed. Obviously I don't do this anymore, but why then? I feel as if I was basically just too immature to handle it, which is something those kids could definitely face. At the same time smoking made me grow up a little too.

    I would really like to hear what other people have to say on this.
  4. Yes, I would too, but just remember your audience here. The average age is likely no more than 19 years old.

    Needless to say, some bias may tend to slip in the convo. :D
  5. I would feel better giving them mmj than say ritilan (sp?) just gotta keep it in moderation
  6. oh he has ocd. you should have mentioned that. idk tho could have some impact on his developing mind. but thats what those other meds are doing also. its a difficult question.
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    to help them calm down is dumb tho. what the mom said at the end tho was pretty touching "he hasnt felt euphoria for many years, hes lost all of his friends. i want him to have some of that euphoria." so i guess she is also talking about the treatment of depression also.
  8. I do not agree with recreational use under the age of 18~
    I DO definitely agree with medical use where it benefits patients below that age.

  9. What makes it magically ok on their 18th birthday, but not a year before? I've never understood when people say there is a set number for when something is ok. I'm not trying to be a douche, I would just like this to be explained more so I can understand why you feel that way
  10. A extra year for brain development and maturity to peak does a lot, sure they could be smoking at 15-17 but they might loose all motivation and use weed as a crutch for life.

    At the age of 18 you are hopefully already educated in ways to deal with emotional and physical pain, along with working on moving out of your parents house or focusing on your job. Not that I disagree with giving a 12 year old mmj for seizures or crippling pain, but I'm sure there is other natural medicines that can be used for OCD or depression.

    Just because 1 thing worked for 1 person doesn't mean it will work for the rest. :smoking: sorry for the ramble im a tad medicated myself.
  11. It's better than loading them up on pills, I guess.
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    Ideally recreational use for any drug shouldn't happen until you are between 22 and 25 years old; our brains stop growing around then.

    Heavy use before you are in your 20's can seriously fuck you over
  13. Totally not a problem.
  14. It can be a major problem.

    EDIT: Heavy use, anyway.
  15. Speaking as someone who has had an MMJ card since 16(Crohns Disease), I would say it has been a life saver. The only way to deal with the pain caused by the disease prior to my card was the Doc pumping me full of morphine and sending me home with enough vicodin to take them like candy. I agree though that people who start daily use in 15-17 range might use it as a crutch, but IMO its all about the person, some are more prone to become mentally addicted, i feel its all about maturity level when introduced, I had seen some crazy shit by 16 (Phoenix, AZ where EVERY person has a gun) and was basically addicted to the bullshit pharmaceuticals. MMJ use in minors is very controversial but with the way most states MMJ laws are set up the doctor can recommend it but in the end the parent is the one who decides. That being said I completely support medical use in minors, because if the parent has decided that is what is helping them and they are mature enough, it is so much better than pills of any kind, and doesnt help fund an evil pharmaceutical company.
  16. they are using it in the appropriate doses. i doubt these parents are getting their kids blazed. they are taking advantage of the medicinal value. i see more controversy in the over prescribed Ritalin.

  17. Is this true?
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    Yes. Our frontal lobes are still developing and do not stop until around 22 and up until 25.

    The reason this is important is because the frontal lobe provides several functions including: planning, judgement, impulse control, higher order functions, etc.

    This isn't meant to scare anyone, but for people to know the reality. Is marijuana safer than practically any other drug? I would like to say so, but it can have consequences (especially if you become a heavy user at an early age, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER DRUG)

    So if a 15 year old is smoking pot every damn day, you better believe that as he/she gets older, they are going to rely on it much more as a crutch.

    EDIT: I am also not saying that if you smoke weed before you are 22 that you are fucked, HOWEVER, if you are a heavy user and you are in your teens, you should consider taking it down a notch.
  19. This is what most people don't understand about mmj. It's not like parents are giving there kid a joint and telling them to lit up. They are giving low low low dose thc really high cbd tinctures. This means the kids are not getting hight when they are giving these doses. Thc is the active ingredient that gives your the head high. Cbd is the active ingredient that has the medical benefits. They are trying to develop strains now that will contain 0% thc and around 10% cbd. This is great news in terms on mmj and children. Look up its effect on children with epilepsy. Have you seen the show weed country. It's on discover right now. There is a dr from Stanford that backs it and gives it to her 4 year old son. He went form 40 seizures a month to less than 5 a month.
    People just need to get you can use mmj and not get high
    To all of your post there is no way I would let a kid smoke mmj. Not happening.
  20. I'd prefer that over these pills the doctors shove in your face that make you psychotic. I'm under the impression that the parents aren't literally giving their kids joints and bongs to get high, so if the kids really need it and marijuana will help it, I don't see too much of an issue.

    I wouldn't do it myself, since I don't know too much about marijuana and its effects on a child, but whatever works.

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