Parents Disowning Their Children

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  1. What have you done or could you do that would make your parents disown you?
  2. "If you marry that white girl, don't come back here."
    -my aunt

    I've already been pretty much disowned by my moms half, excluding my mom herself. Who gives a damn, I don't need them. :)
  3. holy crap i read this as "Parents Drowning Their Children", I was like "what? a wooden spoon to the ass doesnt do it anymore?"

  4. ooooooh,

  5. Unconditional love man
  6. Any parent who would say they have 'disowned' a child, obviously felt they were actually raising livestock. Or slaves.

    Control freaks also breed uncontrollably, I guess.
  7. Yeah, I feel like Ive been disowned. Just recently I was told I wasnt allowed to go to the family trip to a waterpark. That made me feel like shit.

    Haa thats sig worthy.
  8. So I have Ulcerative Colitis/Chornes and recently I went to the hospital for a HUGE flare up and they were giving me Deloded in the IV, Benedryll for the itching it caused and ativian. MY real mom also gave me around 30 xanax. I od'ed for four days straight not remembering the slightest thing, and this happend IN the hospital. The hospital security confiscated my pills, my high times magazine, my cigarretes and lighter. Since then my parents pretty much treat me as if im not theirs. >_>
  9. i have a friend that has been living at my house for the past 2 days because his da disowned him for buying a bike. :confused:

  10. haha

    i first read it like that too LOL

  11. i did too, i thought it was going to be a thread about an increase in parents killing there kids.:confused:
  12. only a true parent knows that. if you disown your child then you might not even have had kids.

    hell, i could have been disowned by my parents countless times (stole their car a couple times, got arrested, stolen money/alcohol) and they still love me regardless. i love my parents soooo much.
  13. My grandmother said she would disown me if I were gay. My mom was present during the ensuing conversation, and I'm sure I caught something in her face that hinted at agreeance, but she didn't have the guts to say it out loud.
  14. parents that stupid had no right breeding in the first place :rolleyes:

    my parents never talked about disowning me.. been kicked out once, but they called me the next day and told me they wanted me home.. was a weird dinner the next day
  15. my parents try to disown me but they can't. im just too lovable! they can't even kick me out of the house without draggin me back in right when i step foot outside.
  16. I think parents saying they will disown their kid probably don't say they love them usually.
  17. unconditional love from mine....

    gay - cool

    mental disorders - cool

    dropped out of college - not so cool but they still love me
  18. "Look Barnaby, there's a baby in the refuse bin."

    "Don't touch it or else it's mother won't take it back."


    I'd say my mom totally loves me through and through. I have stolen her meds, alcohol, money from her and generally been a lousy son. She knows I'm a substance abuser (not her words, my own) and she doesn't give me shit about it. She just wants me to get back into college and get my BA and get a good job.

    My dad, on the other hand, has never been accepting of me smoking "dope" but I used to get drunk with him all the time. I haven't lived with him for the past 12 years, except for Aug. - Dec. 2007, so I haven't had many chances to piss him off. But last year when I stayed with him for a few months I went down to Mexicali (he lives in CA) and got super drunk, drove home and woke everyone up at 5am. It was very awkward the next day and he never quite trusted me after that.

  19. My rents never said that to me exactly.. But one time I was fuckin around with my dad and told him I was gay (Im not) and he fucking flipped shit! Went ape shit crazy and started advancing on me about to beat the living shit outta me... Then when I told him I was joking he got even more pissed :(

    But I dunno man, like Bleezie said, Ive stolen their cars, snuck out, stolen money, alcohol, even gotten into fist fights with my dad, and both of them still love me, and I love the hell out of em right back. At any given time I would bend over backwards for them, and I know they would do the same for me.
  20. They said that they'll disown me if I move out with my boyfriend. :confused:

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